A Quick Guide to Instagram Features That You Need To Know in 2021

From the photo-sharing network you knew and loved in 2015, Instagram has evolved drastically. There are a slew of new features on the social media site and algorithm modifications that emphasize certain areas of the platform. In reality, Instagram’s CEO said in a statement in July that the service “is no longer a picture app” and will instead focus on entertainment & shopping.

As 90% of users follow at least a brand, and 83% of users have shopped from businesses they learned about on Instagram, it’s to your best advantage to have your Instagram account ready for 2021! Make Use of this Instagram features guide to improve your brand’s Instagram presence and reap the many benefits of this social media site.


IGTV films could be up to one hour long, unlike Instagram video postings, which have a total duration of 60 seconds. Additionally, they are formatted vertically & mobile-friendly. IGTV, like YouTube, is a proper venue for showcasing your brand’s longer films. You could use the feature to promote items, tutorials, or interviews and keep it on your Instagram profile’s IGTV page. And if you want to get discovered by more new people, you can buy IGTV views to reach your content to the masses.


Instagram Reels, TikTok’s main competitor, capitalizes on the brief content style gaining traction in 2021. The 60-second videos, including text, music, stickers, & other special effects, are all about creativity. Reels are a crucial element of any brand’s social media strategy, especially if your target audience is millennials and Gen Z. They help you remain on top of the new styles, grab attention, and display originality. Having said that, if you want to skyrocket your reel engagement, you can buy Instagram reels likes to get more eyes on your reels.


If you’ve been on Instagram for a while, you’re probably aware of Instagram’s 24-hour Stories. As you may be aware, vanishing posts are a powerful storytelling tool that allows you to engage with your followers through accurate, honest, and engaging content. Stories, for example, are a terrific way to give your followers a behind-the-scenes look at your company or highlight user-generated content. Consumers take action due to the connection that Stories helps create between businesses & their followers 50 percent of Instagram users questioned said they have accessed a web page to make purchases due to watching Stories.

Interactive stickers

You’ve come across stickers while scrolling through Instagram Stories. Add these engaging and interactive elements to the story posts to promote engagement, discoverability & provide a way to connect with your audience.

Streaming in real-time

In 2020, Instagram live usage exploded, & live content is still on the rise in 2021. Streaming live on Instagram allows you to interact with your fans in real-time, answer queries, and post updates. Presenting followers behind the scenes at events, offering product tutorials, and conducting Q&A sessions are possibilities for live broadcasting. You can share a copy of your live video to the Story for even more views after you’ve gone live.

Shopping on Instagram

It’s time to set up Instagram Shopping for your business if you haven’t already. Your Instagram Store allows your followers to buy your products directly from Instagram. A View Store button will show on your profile after you create your online store, & a shop tab on the search results page will help users find your products more simply. You could also tag Shopping products in posts, Stories, IGTV, & Reels. It would be a squandered opportunity to not set up shop on Instagram, which currently has around one billion users.

Finally, partnering with influencers and advertising with Instagram Ads to reach a new audience are two other strategies to maximize the Instagram presence in 2021.

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