Showbox Alternatives – Best Apps Like Showbox 2018

Best Showbox alternatives are your search keywords when you are tired of using Showbox. There are lots of apps like Showbox available on the Internet but finding the best one is not that much easy.There is no reason Showbox could tire but still, a change in the direction of wind wouldn’t be that bad, unless you find some right alternatives to Showbox 2018. Showbox is another very decorative free movie streaming service that has earned a place amongst top free streaming apps in the app market.

The free movie streaming sites and apps have given a whole new look to the present movie watching experience. The free of cost nature, simple and quick user interfaces, huge and varied content are some of the essential factors that have played a pivotal role in the exponential rise in demand for such movie apps like Showbox services.

I guess you are a movie freak that’s why you are searching this today, then you should check out this list of free movie apps for android, I’m sure you’ll love it.

There are lots of movie apps for android like Showbox available on the Internet and once you visit these services you are surely going to love it. The uprising of low-cost internet services and unlimited packs have also had a major role to play in increasing the demand for such free streaming services.

There are some other sites like PutLockers also available to watch Showbox movies online, You should really try those.

You can get almost every Showbox free movies on these Showbox alternatives.

There is huge competition among Similar Apps Like Showbox, this forces the apps and sites to stay updated with the latest content. There are many apps in the play store offering apps similar to Showbox but not many meet expectations. Sadly Showbox isn’t available on play store so you have to download it from their website by allowing your phone to install apps from unknown sources.

Here are some of the best alternatives to Showbox. Read along to explore some apps that could be the perfect fit for your entertainment needs.

Best Showbox Alternatives

showbox alternatives

Movie Box – Best Apps like Showbox for iPhone

Just like Showbox is for android, Movie Box is for iOS. This app is more or less similar to Showbox. It has a wide variety of content spread over a huge number of genres. Sports a really fast and laser focussed search engine and a simple user interface too. It’s just that 1080p videos and content are available sparsely, cope up with and surely the huge volume of content is sure to make up for it.

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PlayBox HD – Movie Apps for Android likeShowbox

PlayBox is one of the best other apps like Showbox and the Movie Box. This app is also not available in the play store and you have to download it from external sources by allowing your device to install apps from unknown sources. This website is a serious contender with a lot of HD content under its name, hence its name.

The user interface is quite simple and a nicely categorized catalog makes searching easy. Connect your phone to a reliable internet connection and you won’t have to fall victim to buffering. Overall a smooth app to go with if you are looking for Showbox alternatives, offering a pleasant movie watching experience.

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Megabox HD

Megabox is another app similar to Showbox doing a decent job like the others mentioned above. It doesn’t have high-quality content as PlayBox and Showbox but the privilege to select the quality makes up for the loss. A simple UI and an accurate search option are plus points too. A good connection adds to the good that these websites have to offer. If you are addicted to showbox free movies then you can use this app.

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Popcorn Time

Popcorn Time is the clear ruler when it comes to streaming free movies and TV shows. It is no doubts one of the best free movie apps like Showbox. Just like other Similar Apps Like Showbox this app has a simple user interface and a fast search tool. The large volume of content is well categorized into different genres so that you do not face any problems when looking for what you want to view. So if you are trying sites like Showbox today then you really should not miss Popcorn Time.

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Crackle is another one of the top Showbox alternatives for Android and ios too offering quality services when it comes to Showbox free movies online. A distinguishing feature making it a little different from other apps like Showbox and sites is that it allows the creation of playlists and favorites. Just like the above sites and apps similar to Showbox, Crackle also streams high-quality movies and TV series.

Crackle has a simple UI and a fast interface. Trending movies appear on the homepage making searching very easy.

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Movie HD

Movie HD is also a recommended free movie streaming service that is a fine alternative for Showbox. Has a rather simple user interface clubbed with a fast and pinpoint search tool, leading you right to the content that you are looking for. A plethora of HD content is left at the disposal of your fingertips, click on the movie poster and voila, you are live with your movie. A reliable and fast internet connection is required for buffer-less streaming. Don’t worry you can change the quality of the videos according to the speed of your internet connection. So I can suggest Movie HD to anyone if they ask me for free movie apps for android like Showbox.

Sky HD

Sky HD has on offered a very similar service as of the above ones. With a simple user interface and a nice, accurate search option it has similar functionality as the others. Sky Hd is one of my favorite Showbox alternatives till now. Plays high-quality videos and offers a smooth streaming service. It is one of the great free movie apps for iPhone like Showbox every ios user should try. The genres are as same PlayBox and the others.

Overall offers a good service that shouldn’t disappoint you. Mind you though, do not confuse it with the British Media Company. If you are looking for some sites like Showbox to just try on this one also deserves your one try.

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CinemaBox is also a great option to go with if you need best Showbox alternatives. This app has to be downloaded from its website by allowing your phone to install apps from unknown sources. Again, this app also has a simple user interface with a fast interface which is very similar to the above services.  You won’t face any difficulties with its UI if you are accustomed to the UIs of other ones. This is also a popular Showbox alternative reddit users love to share.

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Bobby Movie Box

Bobby Movie box is the perfect solution when one is searching for alternatives to Showbox. It boasts of a wide variety of content that works effortlessly smooth on apple devices. It has its homepage decorated with the movie posters of trending and popular movies. Click on the movie poster and you are straight away watching your movie, the user interface is as simple as it gets. The different categories are available under the controls menu. Connect your iDevice with a fast internet connection and you won’t fall victim to buffering with these Showbox type apps.

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Some other movie apps like Showbox for Android & iPhone

S. No.Showbox Alternatives
1.Hub Streaming
5. TerrariumTV
6. HBO Now

These are some of the movie apps like Showbox for iPhone and Android, that provide us with an awesome movie watching experience.

It’s just that users like you and me need to be careful when we are choosing which Showbox type apps to download and which to use. Since we aren’t downloading apps from the app store the apps aren’t verified by any company, this sometimes leads to viruses and other malware being introduced into your gadget. Take some precautions and you won’t fall into harm’s way.

Have a nice time watching!