10 Best Calendar Apps for Android 2018

Calendar apps for android phones are one of the most searched apps on the Internet doesn’t matter on which planet you are. Since time immemorial, we have been dependent upon calendars to plan out our near future in advance. They have helped us to be organized and to track time as well. But nowadays, maneuvering a physical calendar isn’t a very comfortable idea for everyone. That’s what increases the need for Best Calendar Apps for Android.

best calendar apps for android

In this time-starved age of technology, we would prefer to have everything in one place and access it easily. Hence, free calendar apps are the way! With advancements in technology, people have different expectations for the apps available to them. They are more of a solution to a multitude of problems.

In a similar manner, we tend to have different expectations of calendar apps as well. For instance, someone would prefer an app to display only the tasks and appointments of the day, some other person would prefer to look at their week as a whole and another person would require getting notified about every task. To adhere to almost every need, there are several best calendar apps for android on play store.

Here is a list of some of the free calendar apps for Android you can use right now.

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Best Calendar Apps for Android 2018 – FREE

1. Google Calendar – My Favourite

best calendar apps for android

This app is more often preinstalled on most of the Android devices. Hence, it can synchronize tasks and schedules with the other apps as well which is all the more convenient. The app has different viewing options which users can customize according to their tastes. With this Google Calendar we can manage out tasks too but I wanna let you know that a few days back Google has launched a new Task app which is the best app for productivity till now.

It offers a variety of colors for the background as well. It also allows natural language style entry wherein one can input voice commands and the app will register those as well. This app also allows synchronizing the location of all events and appointments with extreme precision.

This app is absolutely free, which is an added benefit. And one of the best Calendar apps for Android phones for sure.

Download Google Calendar

2. aCalendar

best calendar apps for android

This is one of the most customizable calendar apps. This app allows quick navigation between different views. It can also integrate easily with google calendar. It provides different color themes and user-customizable views which makes it easier for users to operate. Also, it integrates with other apps to keep track of birthdays and other important events.

Get aCalendar

3. Microsoft Outlook

best calendar apps for android

This app is a solution for all those who require email integration for work purposes. This not just a calendar app; this app also organizes all your emails and events and appointments all in one space. For sunrise interface, Outlook is the best choice. The events and notifications can be designated to several different icons. We don’t have to write more about this calendar app for android because its reviews tell all about it at the same place, so don’t forget to check them out.

Get Microsoft Outlook

4. Digical

Digical is also one of the most popular and best calendar apps for Android phones. The best thing I loved about this app is that it’s really pretty easy to use, its interface tells all about it you don’t need to Google how to use it for sure. And Digical allows you to add new events or entries on your calendar from your home screen as well, so you need not open the app again and again.

best calendar apps for android

One more thing which gains users attraction is that whenever you’ll add a new event on this calendar app it will automatically fetch an image from google based on your event keywords and set it as your calendar background image which gives it awesome look, isn’t it? And when it comes to attractiveness, it has tons of cool themes which you can use.

Just like other calendar apps, it can also sync your events with Google calendar. This app lets you search the places with the help of its search bar and can also tell you the weather reports of that place too.

And you can use it with gestures too which at last gives the fifth star to this Android calendar app!

Get Digical

5. Jorte Calendar

Jorte Calendar is a vertical parchment date-book application that permits the administration of occasions, undertakings and other data in a rundown arrange. Bearing the tone of a coordinator, it is an adaptable date-book application. It has different adjustable choices matched with an individual touch for better incorporation.

best calendar apps for android

This app can also be synchronized with google calendar. It is much more than a calendar app. It has a multitude of features such as countdown feature- to count how many days are left for an event on the calendar; additionally, pictures can also be included for the events, multi-device syncing and backup, a lunar calendar for all the space enthusiasts and many more.

This is one of the most preferred and simple calendar apps for Android.

Get Jorte Calendar

6. SolCalendar

best calendar apps for android

SolCalendar offers more than a plain android calendar look. It is more like a life management tool which will help you to sort your life. It has a customer-friendly design. It includes a comprehensive online agenda into which users can take notes, type-in reminders, check the weather, etc. you can synchronize it with your Google Calendar account and you can also make your own Google Tasks for your notes. It also tends to offer weather reports.

Get SolCalendar

7. Business Calendar

best calendar apps for android

One of the institutionalized logbook offerings in the market, Business Calendar is one to anticipate. It accompanies the customary standpoint of the physical date-book combined with occasion seeing alternatives as days, weeks, months and considerably encourage by plan and assignments.

It also offers color-coded view integration and changeable themes. This app can also be synchronized with Google Calendar. The app can be available in the free format as well as a paid format. It is though one of the best-shared calendar apps for Android users.

Get Business Calendar

8. Cal

The first thing to notice about the Cal is that it is aesthetically extremely pleasing. It is a smartly designed app that makes every day seem anew without many advertisements and other interruptions.This app uses a different photo for every day from a variety of resources. The categories are adjustable.

best calendar apps for android

The application additionally makes great utilization of void area and shading emphasizes. Cal utilizes white with red shading complements. An interesting offering of calendar application than the ones winning in the market, this one has a simple to utilize streaming sort of plan. It accompanies numerous highlights like help for the current Google Calendar, gadget review, forecasts and significantly more. This app is absolutely free as well. You can go with it if you need the best Android calendar right now.

Get Cal

9. Calendar Widget

The Android date-book gadget is home screen gadget for your Android gadget. It shows a rundown of up and coming logbook occasions so you can without much of a stretch have a look at your up and coming arrangements.

Tap on a passage to hop directly into your schedule. Instead of being a generic timetable application, it involves a pleasant date-book gadget choice. This is a straightforward date-book gadget where the month view and the present plan are joined together. It is a great option if you want a free calendar app for Android. It gives you a decent outline of your occasions nearby on your home screen as well.

Get Calendar Widget

10. Today Calendar

best calendar apps for android

Another free app which has commendable performance is Today Calendar. It comes with customizable features. This app offers vibrant and bold colors. The app has a simple navigation system that can be extremely helpful. In spite of being gotten from a similar stock android timetable as the dominant part of elective date-books on the Play Store, Today Calendar separates itself from the opposition by being the main logbook application to join high usefulness with dazzling style.

Get Today Calendar

Some More Best Free Calendar Apps for Android you can try

You can also have a look at these calendar apps for Android, these all are also popular in this field and doing a really great job. So they worth mentioning for sure.

S. No.Android Calendar AppsDownload From Playstore
1.Touch CalendarGet Touch From Playstore
2.UpnextGet Upnext
3.InformantGet Informant
4.CalengooGet Calengoo
5.Sunrise CalendarGet Sunrise Calendar
6.TINY CALENDARGet Tiny Calendar
7.ZendayGet ZenDay
8.GO Calendar WidgetGet GO Calendar Widget
9.Woman diary (calendar)Get Woman diary (calendar)
10.Checkmark All in One CalendarGet Checkmark

This is a list of a few of the top calendar apps in android. So go ahead and get started organizing your life, with the help of these exceedingly amazing apps. Not only are these extremely helpful, but these apps also aesthetically pleasing.

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