10 Best Call Recorder Apps for android 2018

Call recording apps for android are being searched every day by thousands of people and we knew why. How many times have you searched on your phone for the recording of a call with someone? If you had then you might have known how important call recording feature and how it helps in storing some of the important conversations. So today here at Blogsubway we are going to share 10 best call recorder apps for android which can record your call for free.

Best Call Recorder apps for android

If you have never saved a call recording then you might have faced this problem of not able to save a call conversation due to unavailability of this feature in your phone, or you might not have known about this feature. This feature is considered as the most important and is the best feature that an Android OS can provide and without this feature it becomes difficult for many to make many conversations save.

If you have not known this feature and know now that this feature is inbuilt in many of the android phones where you will have the option to record the complete conversation when you are on a call. When you click on record while you are on a call, then whatever the other person speaks and whatever you speak will be saved into your local directory. Some people wanted to save all the call conversations. You can also do this. You just have to move to settings to enable record all voice call and that’s it every call you make will be recorded and is stored in the local directory.

If you have an android device and you don’t have this feature inbuilt in your device you might be facing the problem and you might be in the feeling of a deficiency of a feature. But don’t worry as this post is for you. We bring you the apps that will enable you to record your voice calls just like any other android device and saves them to the local directory where you can find them.

There are many apps that will do this. You will find tons of applications in google play store and you are not sure which one to trust. So, we bring you the top 10 that we believe are the best ones for call recording feature for your device. So, let us move on to the top 10 apps for call recording feature for your device.

Best Call Recording Apps for Android 2019


This app is already might have known to you. Or you might have heard the name TrueCaller. This is the most famous for finding the name of the person of an unknown feature. Started as the service to help users to identify the unknown numbers, the True caller had reached a long way in their journey. Which millions of users using its feature true caller is constantly including new features.

Best Call Recorder apps for Android

Truecaller android app is the best call recording app for android that it had achieved. It will replace your conventional dialling and messaging app and gives you many more features that your conventional dialling or messaging app cannot provide.

Coming to our need of Call recording, this app is the best one to consider if you are looking for the best app to record voice calls.

But one thing that to be considered is that, though this is the most recommended app for call recording. This feature is not provided free and you need to pay for availing this feature. You have to become a premium member to access this feature and if you become a premium member you will have many features in additions to this.

Download TrueCaller

2.Automatic Call Recorder

Top Call recorder apps for Android

This is the second-best call recording apps for android that we suggest for availing the feature of recording the calls. This app provides the best user interface and best experience to record the calls.

Unlike Truecaller, this app might not charge you for this feature. This has both free features and paid features. In the free account, you will get almost most of the convenient features that are necessary. This apps gives you three different options to record calls. You may keep the settings calls to record as to Record All calls, Record call of your contacts only, and Record unknown calls only. Based on your settings the app will record the calls. This is the best thing that the app gives is. Give a try to this app and enjoy its free features. If you wanted more, you can go for premium features.

Download ACR

3.Cube Call Recorder ACR

Best Call Recorder apps Android

This is another best app to record phone calls on android device. This app also provides you the option to record calls. One of the most important things that no other app above provide is that you will not be able to record calls that are made via WhatsApp, Viber, Skype and other sources. The above apps only allow you to record calls that are mode via normal carrier call functionality. But this app provides this extraordinary feature of allowing you to record even this VoIP calls.

So with this app installed on your android device, you will have complete control to record any call that is going or coming to your Android device. But before that, you need to remember that this VoIP feature is not supported in all android device. So before exciting about this feature, first install the app and see if it is supported in your android device, and if supported then have a great time with the app.

Download Cube CR

4.Call Recorder ACR

Best Call Recording Apps Android


This is another app that gives the feature of call recording. Like Automatic call recorder, this app also records the calls without your intervention in all the call. You just need to keep the settings to tell it what type of calls need to be recorded and that’s it, the app will automatically analyse all the calls and according to the settings it records the necessary calls and stores them.

This app supports most of the cloud storage devices such as Drive, One drive and many more. So you need not worry about running out of space you can always back up the calls to these sites and save your local storage.

This app comes in both free and paid version. Both provide the same features, but free one will have ads in it and paid one will be without adds.

Download ACR

5.Smart Auto Call Recorder

Best Call Recorder Apps Android

By the name itself tells the feature that it provides. This is another best call recording app for android that provides you the feature to record your all calls automatically.

This app includes some of the best features that no other app above provides and that is the reason we are suggesting this app. The app has some of the interesting UI and in addition to calling recording feature, this app has the settings to add few numbers to except that numbers from recording. This app will not record calls with that numbers.

And, another interesting feature of this app is that it allows you to password protect all your call record so that only you will have access to the recorded call. To be frank this is the must and important feature to have as call recording may contain many sensitive details and some information that cannot be made others listen.

This app comes in both free version and paid version. Try the free version and if you are much interested you may buy the paid version of the app.

Download Smart ACR

6.Call Recorder by quality apps

Best Call Recorder Apps Android

This is similar apps to the call recorder app that provides the feature that its name tells. The app like the above apps provides you the option to record both incoming and outgoing calls and storing them your local storage.

This app also provides you the feature to password protect the calls and also save the recording in many formats like mp3 and wav.

This app also comes in both free and paid version. The free version will have ads and paid will not.

Download CR Quality

7.RMC: Android Call Recorder

Best Call recording apps android

This is one of the similar apps like other apps to record phone calls but with some of the extra features, so it took place in our top 10 call recording apps. The app allows you to record both incoming and outgoing call and save them. The things that this app does best is that it allows you to store the Recording in different formats like mp3, wav, 3gp and few more. This is the best thing. And, it allows you to customise the channel to stereo or mono.

This apps also have the feature to integrate with cloud storage such as google drive, Dropbox and more so you can backup and never run out of space. One more interesting feature is that this app has an inbuilt trash folder. This means you do not need to worry about accidentally deleting the saved recording. You can always restore them back from the trash folder if the file is in the trash folder.

Download RMC

8.Call Recorder by Recorder and smart apps

Best Call recording apps android

This is another best call recorder app that does the job to the best. This exceptional to other apps will give you the option to select which call to record by asking you each time whether to record the call or not. To make this happen you must select the option “Ask to save” in the settings of the app.

This app will not have the option to integrate with online cloud storage services, but you can always upload all your saved files to drive or Dropbox or other services.

This app also comes in both free and paid version. The free version comes with adds and the paid version is free of ads.

Download CR

9.Call Recorder by Lovakara

Best Call recording apps android

This is the simple and lightweight apps that do the required job to the best. As our job is to record the incoming and outgoing call, this app does this at the best. This will automatically record the calls and saves them to your local storage. You can always access them, or you can share them.

This app does not have many extra features but is the best app as it is light with the job of recording done to the best.

Download CR Lovakara

10.All Call Recorder Lite 2018

Best Call recording apps android

This is another call recorder app that does the required job of recording the call conversations and save them. This app by the name itself suggests that it is a lite version with the basic required features to automatically record both the incoming and outgoing calls.

This app unlike to other apps will not have features like Integration with online cloud storages like drive, dropbox, and others. It does not have the feature to password protect the recording.

If you are looking for the simple app to get the feature of recording the calls at best with no extra feature expectations, then this app is the best. You can even play the recording in the app itself with the inbuilt player.

Download ACR Lite

Some more Call Recording Apps for Android Phone (Free/Paid)

S.No.Call Recorder AppsDownload Link
1.Voice MemosiOS
2.Voice RecorderiOS
3.Audio RecorderPlay Store
4.Just Press RecordiOS
5.Easy Voice RecorderPlay Store
6.ParrotPlay Store
7.iTalk Recorder PremiumiOS
8.Voice Record ProiOS
9.CogiPlay Store
10.RacForge IIPlay Store

Wrapping up best call recorder apps 2019

The Call recording feature is the best thing that we can have in the Android device. But most of the custom ROM devices will not provide this feature and you need to have third-party apps to get that and for that reason, the above top 10 apps can give the top priority to select the best call recording apps for android phones. Though there are many apps these 10 are the best with features of different kinds included. We have included apps with all the features and also lite apps. Decide the features that you want and select your app from the above list.

Hope this guide helps you with the selection. Let us know what you feel on these apps or anything else in comments.

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