9 Best URL Shorteners I Totally Love: 2019 Edition

Best URL Shortener is hard to find nowadays because everyone is here to earn money, so they bombard the short links with a huge number of promotions and the captcha thing moreover.

And that’s really annoying. Isn’t it?

That’s why we keep searching for the free URL shorteners.

First, Let me clear one thing, not all free URL shorteners are the best URL shorteners.

While launching a new campaign on a microblogging site, many of us have found it difficult to fit in the 88 characters long URL and still manage to put in the right amount of words to express our intention.

Why URL Shortener?

You might have come across the unease of putting up a lengthy URL on your business card wishing it was smaller. Or the effort that goes into punching in all the right letters and special characters in your URL to the address bar to reach your website.

Or the trouble to remember the URL when you want to share it with an important client and you are scared that you would mess up. I am sure that we all have come across similar distress at some point in time.

To handle such undesired situations we use custom URL shortener sites.

I think URL is analogous with the address to your enterprise. So, you should provide it to all the important people: clients, partners, potential clients, and target audience. Without it, they can’t reach you. You have to put it up on all the important places like your social networking sites, your business cards, promotion notes, advertisements, newsletters, white papers, etc. You should know it by heart and keep it handy so that you can access it anytime.

If you are only starting off you cannot always rely on the search engine to throw your website on the first page. It might even be naïve to expect your emerging pearl of a website to be the first one that your clients would see in the ocean of the internet. So you have to take them there. Make it easy for them to access your URL.

I know it is very difficult with the long and complex URL that you have right now. Don’t feel sad already. Technology is here to help you. Let me introduce you to the best URL shortening services.

For the last two decades, URL shorteners have been helping people who are in similar anguish. In this article, I would introduce you to half a score websites that can help you. The best part is that all of them are free.

So, Let’s directly come to the list of some of the handpicked free URL shorteners by Blogsubway team members.

Free Best URL Shortener Sites You Must Try

1. Bitly

best url shortener

You might not have used Bitly yourself, but I am sure that you have come across at least half a dozen links shrunk using this awesome tool.

It is one of the most super-famous URL shortener websites without captcha, thanks to its easy and reliable services.

That is why big brands such as Disney and Amazon are dependent on Bitly. The main scope of there is in helping you amplify brand recognition using proactive links that you can customize according to your need. They offer you a wide array of features that goes beyond the purpose of traditional URL shorteners.

They allow you to replace the generic “bit.ly” with the domain name that you prefer. This would contribute to the brand you are trying to build or promote. They also provide click tracking and other performance statistics to assist you in streamlining your campaigning to suit your target audience.

The basic free account would allow you to convert URL into a condensed link, no questions asked. You can also step up your plan as you grow your brand.

You can read a full detailed guide about the CEO of Bitly on the Forbes here.

Visit Bitly

2. Rebrandly

best url shortener

Rebrandly is one of the best URL shortener’s in this list. It is the right destination if you are interested in building your brand.

With Rebrandly you can connect your brand domain to URL shortener. From there on your brand would act as the base for every link you generate. This is best for creating brand awareness among the masses and link trust among clients.

Rebrandly is designed to help social media managers, digital marketers, support teams, etc. to gain recognition for their brand and all its activities. Apart from classic URL shortening, Rebrandly offers you a wide range of allied services including real-time click analytics, UTM builder, opportunity to edit destination, retargeting scripts, and reports that would help you understand your audience better. That is why they proudly talk about 250,000 happy customers. Even for a free account, Rebrandly would track up to 5000 clicks per months, and lets you generate no less than 500 custom links per month, even across 5 different domains.

Visit Rebrandly

3. TinyURL – Best Alternative to Google URL Shortener

best url shortener

TinyURL is a legendary custom URL shortener service that had been in the field for a long time. It is the quickest way to shrink your long, nasty URL into a more meaningful one. This web service is totally free and you do not even have to sign up. Drop your link into the dialog box, give an alias and obtain your splendid URL.

It is as easy as that.

And the best part is that the links you create are forever. Yes, don’t worry about renewing it. Create it once and it never expires. You can add TinyURL to the links toolbar of your browser. You can create shrunk URLs with a single click using this feature. However, it is restricted to URL shortening and offers you no insight into the popularity of your link.

It is really the top free URL shortener of 2019.

Visit TinyURL

4. Bl.ink

best url shortener

Are you new in business?

Are you just starting off?

Then this is the URL condenser web service for you. It does it all.

It helps you create meaningful links from complex ones, that can attract clicks. That’s why Coca Cola and Airbnb uses their service. They will tell you how your link is performing, who is clicking and connects your customers to you. This service is very agile and supports informed decision making. There is a range of features you can purchase in addition to the free package. No trouble with bunching, so you pay for what you truly want. They also offer you browser extension and mobile app.

This would help you get the maximum benefit of real-time click metrics including date, time, language, device, location, etc. You can make up to 1000 branded links in your free account. So basically you can shorten URL free of cost & that’s what you need. Right?


Visit BL.Ink

5. Ow.ly – Top Free URL Shortener

best url shortener

If you are into social media marketing, this is the tool for you. It is a feature associated with a social media management website HootSuite.

Then you can sign up once for free and enjoy all the features it offers along with URL shortener. It enables you to keep all your engagements under the same umbrella. You can directly place the newly formed link on various social networking platforms using HootSuite. Also, you can upgrade to paid services if you wish to. Its user-friendly dashboard and sophisticated display make it simple for you to use this tool. It also provides you the option to track the traffic to your link.

This is super useful when you are gauging the impact of your social media ventures. You will be required to enter a CAPTCHA code when you are generating a condensed link to enforce the security. The best part is that Ow.ly allows you to share different file across various formats effortlessly. So I personally find Owly the best URL shortener for facebook or Youtube.

Visit Ow.ly

6. IS.GD

best free url shortener

Are you looking for a quick and permanent tool for URL shortening? Id.gd is the smoothest URL lessening experience.

It will instantly compress your long URL into permanent, short links. It will provide you detailed statistics about who visited your link. You can condense URLs that are even 5000 characters long into 19 character long custom links. Is.gd will save you all the trouble of signing up, CAPTCHAS and payment. It is one of the best URL shortener websites which you can’t miss.

It is absolutely free and very easy to use. But it will not allow you to delete or edit a link once it is created. This is meant to prevent misappropriation by spammers. You can not change the destination of a link or redirect it with this web service.  Since you can not sign in and own an account you will have to store your links somewhere else. These do not seem to have discouraged the users of this tool. So far more than a billion links were shortened using is.gd.

Visit Is.gd

7. AdF.ly – Custom URL Shortener

Unlike many other URL shortener websites that ask you to pay for services, AdF.ly lets you earn money.

That’s why I found it one of the best URL shorteners to earn money online.

It does so by adding a layer of advertisement between click and reach.  As you earn clicks on your link, you will get paid small amounts. AdF.ly engages anti-virus and anti-malware servers to keep advertisements safe. Moreover, they use fraud filters to streamline real visitors to link and preserve the purity of the traffic to your link destination.

Sign up and create links that can get your monthly income. It will also provide you a range of detailed statistics that help you gain more clicks per links which in turn converts into payouts. You can also generate a link for your website, widget, app, etc.  If you are okay with ads in between then this is your URL shortener service.

8. Bit.do

best free url shortener

You can create a tiny, personalized link for free using bit.do. It will also provide you real-time link metrics including geo-demographic data, date, hour and number of clicks. The link personalization option makes it easier for your brand to win recognition. Your links will be found by search engines. It will build link trust among users. next time you type in the keywords and your website might show up.

Apart from free service, more advanced services are available at different price ranges. Bit.do render services for link migration, editing link destination, deletion and removal of old links, etc. It also provides for bulk link creation, integration, and automation. It ensures the safety of links by allowing you to encrypt links and their analysis with passwords.

You can also take advantage of link management services such as the grouping of links and support across multiple devices. Bit.do can help you create the link that you can read and remember in one go. As we know google URL shortener has been disabled, so this tool can be the top Google shortener alternative.

Visit Bit.do

9. Cutt.ly – URL shortener website

best free url shortener 2019

You can take the full perk of a link management platform along with user-friendly URL shortening service at cutt.ly. It provides you free custom links, ad-free redirection and complete track of the click analytics.

It offers you several useful features including QR code generator for each link, protection from misuse by spammers, the clustering of shortened URLs, etc. Further, cutt.ly offers you comprehensive data such as total and daily click statistics, information on device, browser, operating systems and geography and the number of referral clicks.

Cutt.ly dashboard is refined. It throws your reports, graphs, infographics, etc. that can direct your work towards success. Hence, you get clues to optimize the links that you make using cutt.ly.  This link shortener really worth a try.

Visit Cutt.ly

10. Sniply

best free url shortener

Visit Sniply

Some more Free URL Shortener you can check out

Best URL ShortenersVisit Website
Ouo.ioWebsite Link
Soo.gdWebsite Link
T2MWebsite Link
Adshrink.ItWebsite Link
Linkvertise.netWebsite Link
Bitl.ccWebsite Link
BCVCWebsite Link
Excel LiWebsite Link
AllyWebsite Link
Oke.ioWebsite Link
AdYoumeWebsite Link

So far we have discussed free URL shorteners that will generate short links to replace long ones. Sniply steps up the game by allowing you to change the original URL while retaining the short link. You are not restricted to replacing your bulky URL. You can put up an eye-catching button instead.

You can also hyperlink text or attach to an image. Or just hide it if you want.

URL shortener evolution is not over my friends, it is only starting. Sniply allows you to steal colors out of artists palette and pour it into your brand’s call-to-action. Or simply stick to your brand colors, your choice. Customize where you position your link, which domain it falls under and eliminate Sniply logo from your link button.

You can now optimize the attention advantage you will get with the new link by tracking click statistics, average pages per visit, average time spent and bounce rates for your brand, each link, and call-to-action. You can generate link and track its analytics without even signing up. But for a free account, you get to access features like particular domain, apt text, and tags.

There are several other free URL shorteners available. Try and find out which is the best service for you.

If you like this list of best URL shortener then please do share it on your social media accounts, it’ll help us grow.

Thanks in advance. Cheers!

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