The Complete Guide To Boost Your Instagram Account

Dozens of articles on expanding your Instagram following will tell you to “post at 2 am and 5 pm,” “use the correct hashtags,” and other such cliches if you want to attract more followers. To then realise that all of them have the same information to impart, which is likely irrelevant in the year 2021.

These suggestions aren’t useless, but at best you’ll be getting information that was relevant a year ago.

This past year has been a busy one for Instagram, with updates to the app’s algorithm and new features appearing on a monthly basis.

It’s becoming increasingly clear to frequent users that Instagram’s algorithm is constantly evolving and improving.

Surely you’ve noticed how difficult it is to gain new fans and admirers. Underhanded strategies, such as #like4like, were never recommended and will no longer provide results.

The Instagram algorithm and its functionality

Prepare yourself by learning the rules. You need to understand how Instagram functions if you want to be successful at marketing on the platform. Intricately.

Before Instagram started displaying posts in reverse chronological order in March 2016, life was much easier. However, the Instagram algorithm has become significantly more intricate, making it harder to control what you see.

Yes, understanding Instagram’s algorithm takes time and effort, but once you do, you’ll be able to maximise the exposure of your posts. Knowing Instagram’s primary goal can help you decipher its algorithm. Instagram’s ability to generate revenue from advertising depends on users’ engagement within the platform.

Optimise your profile for maximum exposure

Toggle to “Business Mode”
It’s high time to start thinking about upgrading to Instagram’s Business Profile if you haven’t already. It gives you the data you need to determine what approaches work best for your content.

The Instagram ‘See More’ function, which allows you to embed a link within the Story, is only available to verified business accounts with more than 10,000 followers. You no longer have to force them to click on your bio to access a link.

Revise your bio

When it comes to getting people to visit your website or purchase something from your store through Instagram, your bio is your best bet. If you have not revised your bio in some time, please do so.

Your bio should be clear and concise, giving the reader a sense of who you are and what your business stands for in a matter of seconds. Give as much specific information as possible about your brand here.

Update your bio using brand hashtags and active campaign hashtags. This will ensure that your audience is aware of all of your current endeavours.

To which I would add

Include your contact information and a link to your brand’s website if you haven’t already. Make sure people know where they can find your physical store if you have one.

If you want to generate more leads from Instagram, switching to a business profile will let you add your email and website to your bio. As soon as you fill up this information, it will appear under your bio.

Make the Most of Key Moments

You should include a ‘About’ section in your story’s summary. New followers can quickly scan it to learn more about you or your brand.

Involve your readers or viewers

If you’ve put in the time to learn Instagram’s algorithm, you know that more likes and comments mean more people will see your content, which means more exposure and more followers. In order to expand your Instagram following, you need to prioritise increasing user interaction with your content.

Use caption question

Use your captions to start a conversation with your followers. Your post will receive more comments if you ask a thought-provoking topic. A call to action (CTA) is also helpful. The use of “Like” or “Comment” has been demonstrated in a study to increase the number of such interactions.

How long users spend on your post is another factor considered by Instagram’s algorithm. Captions that are more interesting to read will get more views. Your chances of expanding your Instagram following increase proportionally with the length of time people spend reading your caption.

Observations of note

Use the comment section to engage your audience. Avoid making this a monologue and keeping the conversation dull. Your goal should be to offer a comment that prompts a reply from the recipient.

You should also engage with the content of other niche influencers and brands. They will most likely repay your kindness. Again, try to think of something more interesting to say than “Nice pic!”

Coordination and mergers

The growth of your Instagram account and the development of your own personal style can both benefit greatly from collaborations.

A brand can benefit greatly from having an influencer do a “Instagram Takeover.” A “Takeover” occurs when someone other than the account’s owner temporarily assumes control of the account, usually for 24 hours. Recruiting an influencer who already has a sizable following can greatly boost your account’s activity.

Fourth-Loop Prize Draw

You undoubtedly already know that holding competitions is a great way to get people to interact with your brand. It’s also likely that you’ve come across a loop giveaway on occasion. So, how does it operate?

A loop giveaway is different from a standard giveaway in several ways. It’s basically a giveaway, but with some added steps and people involved. They all share the same image, then give their followers a long list of tasks and pass them on to the next person in the chain. Then, that person will have the contestants do a number of tasks for them before passing them on.

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