9 Best Calculator Apps for Android (2018)

Calculator app for Android is one of the most basic and important apps on one’s phone. It has become a need for everyone. A calculator serves as a utility app which comes handy whether you’re in school, shop or office. It helps in calculating mortgages, income tax and also solves complex equations in a second. Some of the best scientific calculator apps for Android phones are discussed below.

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Free Calculator Apps for Android

calculator apps for android

Calculator Plus

If you’re looking for a free calculator app for Android which has the similar to a handheld digital calculator, then Calculator Plus is best for you. This app is enabled with all basic features for quick and prompt calculations. Features like, memory feature can be also seen in this app which is available on various digital calculations so as to store and recall calculations from past.

calculator apps for android

Multiple modes can be seen for different uses like Matrix, Equation, Graph mode and so on. Further, Calculator Plus has a complete trail of the calculations and it is stored permanently even if the app is closed. A complete history can be seen and the way by which equation was solved can be seen too.

The installation charge of Calculator Plus is free of cost. 

You can Download Calculator Plus Directly from here –

Download from PlayStore

MyScript Calculator

calculator apps for android

Users can be seen struggling with the calculator app while solving mathematical problems when they enter data by use of the on-screen buttons. MyScript Calculator app comes in handy when users feel harder to change from solving equations on a paper to on-screen buttons. Users can calculate by simply using their hands or by a stylus pen. Equations can be entered and the app is inbuilt in a way that it automatically converts into a digital equation. Real-time equations can be solved. This scientific calculator app works great when used with a stylus and on screens having a larger size, like a tablet.

The installation charges for MyScript Calculator is free of cost.

Download From PlayStore

Calculator by Google

calculator apps for android

The default calculator app on most of the Android smartphones is the Google Calculator App. It contains all the features of a basic calculator app and is absolutely perfect for daily use. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its extremely simple design and smooth working. Basic mathematical calculations like addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, etc. can be done easily.

Certain features of scientific calculators are also in-built like trigonometry, constants, logarithm, and exponentials. A calculator serves as a utility app which comes handy whether you’re in school, shop or office. Real-time experience is available for the users and with Android Wear, it works flawlessly where users can directly do calculations from the smartwatch. This is one of the best calculator apps for android I have ever used till now.

The installation charges for Google Calculator is free of cost.

Download From Playstore

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Calculator++- Scientific Calculator App for Android

Another smartly designed scientific calculator app for Android is Calculator++. It has a similar interface with that of Google Calculator. You will see these two layouts there- Standard and Engineer. Where Standard mode offers basic need of calculations tool with multi-digit support and single-tap copy/paste while the Engineer mode provides advanced tools of problem-solving like trigonometry, powers, logarithms and so on.

Automatic solutions are being offered by Calculator++ where users can quickly enter values and get results. Other features include gestures, floating window feature which not only lets users use the app but also do calculations in one go.

The installation charge of this free calculator app is free of cost.

Download From Playstore


calculator apps for android

The calculator app, CALCU comes with tons of customization options. It helps in customization of look and layout of the calculator. An awesome group of themes is offered to the users to select from which would totally change the way calculator looks. It includes design, style, and font. It also offers customization offer additionally, to keep the frequently used operators handy. Other features include gesture support, real-time results, scientific calculator, the complete history and much more. It is a good one if you are looking for a financial calculator app for Android.

The installation charges for CALCU is free of cost.

Get Calcu Fro Playstore


An extensive collection of formulas is offered in this calculator app One++ and this makes it one of the best calculator for android. It helps in solving many math, physics, and economics questions. By applying formulas, solutions can be found for light, body mass, rhombus, acceleration, sphere, capitalization ratio, velocity, depreciation and many more formulas. The app also has the inbuilt converter which is advanced with capabilities to convert mass, frequency, pressure, energy, radioactivity, etc.

The installation charges for One++ also comes for free.

Get One++


calculator apps for androidGeoGebra is one of the great graphing calculator apps which focuses on solving the graphical functions which are used in geometric operations. One can do statistics, geometry, algebra and also calculus. With a simple interface, GeoGebra makes it easy to create shapes and graphs. Just by dragging and dropping shapes the graphs can be created and just by the use of fingers one gets complete power to manipulate the graphs.

All mathematical commands are there an app which is made available to the users. Other features include the ability to look at real-time changes in the calculations while one works on a graph.

The installation charge for GeoGebra is free of cost.

Get GeoGebra


calculator apps for android

CalcNote offers a Notepad-like interface which helps the users to manage accounts and finances at its best. The problems are noted on left half while the right half comprises of calculations. All the advanced math operators can be used along with instant calculations.

Users can also see the results in Hexadecimal, Octal or Binary, as they require. By a single tap, users can calculate taxes and also connect calculations by connecting lines. So if you are looking for some free calculator apps for android then you should try ClacNote once for sure.

The installation charges are free of cost for CalcNote.

Download CalNote.


The CalcTape is similar to CalcNote but it uses the similar classic style for showing up the results under inputs. For solving mathematical problems to checking real-time changes, the app lets the users easily edit the results if required. Comments can also be made next to the inputs which ensure the users remember the purpose for which the entry was made for.

calculator apps for android

This free calculator app for Android has a customized button layout so that the buttons which are important comes in handy. One of the best features of CalcTape is that it does not incorporate ads. But to unlock important features like changing layout, getting multiple layouts, tax calculations, save calculations made, sharing calculations, the user has to upgrade to the Pro version.

The installation charges for CalcTape comes for free with in-app purchases.

Download CalcTape.

Some more scientific calculator apps for android you can try-

S.No.Calculator for AndroidDownload
1.RealCalc Scientific CalculatoPlay Store URL
2.ClevCalcDownload from Play Store
3.Droid48Get it From Play Store
4.HiPER Scientific CalculatorPlay Store URL
5.Desmos Graphing CalculatorGet it From Play Store
6.Financial calculatorsPlay Store URL
7.Panecal Scientific CalculatorPlay Store URL
8.Handyman CalculatorPlay Store URL
9.Classic CalculatorPlay Store URL
10.All In One CalculatorPlay Store Link

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