9 Best CrashPlan Alternatives 2018 (Worth Your Try)

CrashPlan alternatives are in searches nowadays because as we all know CrashPlan from code42 has decided to close some of its user data backup services like consumer-focused services. In this age, almost everything we do is on our mobiles and laptops. Our work, our art, and our hobbies have taken a revolutionary shift towards a virtual paradigm. Instead of writing on notebooks, we use MS Word; instead of drawing on a canvas, we use Adobe Photoshop; instead of arranging our pictures in a photo album, we save our pictures on Google photos.

Best CrashPlan Alternatives

In this pervasive digital age, our data on the virtual platforms and applications are very essential. Hence, it is absolutely necessary to back up our data regularly in order to save them in the worst situations. And we all know the best way to backup our data is Cloud, we can store our data in the cloud from anywhere we want and access too. Although the process might take a long time to get completed, yet it’s a lot safer and better in the long run.

For this specific purpose, CrashPlan was the best option. Yet, sadly enough, the company has decided to shut its “CrashPlan for Home service” product. They have given a 60-day extension period for the existing customers to find an alternative. So for all those who are hopeless, there is no need to look further, for we have a list of top CrashPlan alternatives you can use instead of CrashPlan services.

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Best CrashPlan Alternatives 2018

Here a few best alternatives to CrashPlan amongst several others which you can use today.

1. Backblaze

The Backblaze app is one of the best alternatives for CrashPlan. Its cloud has the capacity to store almost 350 million GB of data. Their services are extremely efficient and also very safe. Suppose, a client loses his/her PC, they get two options. Either they can choose to get a hard drive delivered to their address or they can avail the information online. If you were not able to get your data through their drive then you can return their drive within 30 days and you’ll get your refund. It can be purchased at the price of $50/ year. The app also offers 128-bit encryption for the data of its clients to ensure further safety.

Best CrashPlan Alternatives

Backblaze is too much easy to use because as we know, to backup files, in CrashPlan we’ll have to select all the files one by one but in Blackblaze we just have to select the file format and it will automatically backup all the files in that same format but you can also exclude those files which you don’t want to backup.

When it comes to the security of your data, Backblaze stores your data in encrypted form and then decode your data only when you download it. CrashPlan offers 448-bit encryption of data to secure your data but Blackblaze offers only 128-bit encryption. Ya, the security level is not equal to CrashPlan but 128-bit encryption is also a great way to secure. Overall, Backblaze will keep your data secure for sure.

The plus point of this one is that you get two-factor authentications which are really great. You can access your data with the help of Blackblaze app which is available for Android and iOS both.

Visit BlackBlaze Official Site

2. Carbonite

The CrashPlan itself suggests its users switch to Carbonite. This app is also one of the best options to go for if you were a user of CrashPlan. It is accessible for both Windows and iOS users. You can go with the suggested setting and can also customize the settings according to you and the best thing is that your settings will be saved doesn’t matter which PC you are using to make a backup. If you are a new user then you can backup unlimited data.


Best CrashPlan Alternatives

Just like Backblaze, you can directly choose the file format and it will automatically backup all the file of that format and can exclude some of the files which you don’t want to be backed up.

If we talk about the security of your data, this app also provides 128-bit encryption and is extremely safe but again less securely encrypted when compared with CrashPlan which provides 448-bit encryption. So much so, that this app is recommended by CrashPlan itself.

Best CrashPlan Alternatives

Fun fact: This App was named after a fictional substance used to solidify Han Solo in one of the Star Wars movies.

It offers two different versions. On, Carbonite Home is for homely environments, families and personal use. The other one, Carbonite Small Business is for small businesses and more formal usage.

Visit Carbonite Official Site

3. IDrive

IDrive offers you something which CrashPlan lacks, that is, you can backup your phones too. This App has Pirate Key Encryption, which is the safest possible and offers the maximum security available. It has 256-piece AES encryption.

Your all files will be encrypted uniquely so that you all files are secured uniquely means if anyone file gets distorted then the rest of the files will be secured & will not get affected. This app extends its services to not only PCs but also mobile phones, which is an added benefit.

Best CrashPlan Alternatives

It has several features which are the exact same as CrashPlan, but this app operates much faster than CrashPlan which is a plus point. This app is also extremely beneficial in case if the user has slow internet or limited data access. Needless to say, this app is also great for all the ex-CrashPlan users.

To use IDrive services your data must be at least 100 GB. If you are using it for personal use then you can use this service free for one year.

Visit iDrive Official Site

4. CloudBerry Backup

This app permits direct data transfers. Restoring is absolutely free in this app for as many times as the customer wishes it. This app is only supported by Windows. It has two versions available: freeware version, which is designed solely for personal usage. And the second one, the pro version, it offers data compression and high encryption as well. It costs only $29.99 for a lifetime license. A special point about this app is that unlike other apps, it does not process your data on 3rd party servers, hence it also ensures safety.

Best CrashPlan Alternatives

When it comes to the security of your data, so I can say your data is in safe hands. All your data will be encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption technique.

The best thing I liked about CloudBerry Backup is that you just have to pay once and that’s all.

Visit CloudBerry Official Site

5. Duplicati

This app is open-source and unlike CrashPlan, its services can be availed for free. Yet, it is not less secure than any of the other apps. The customers can either avail 256-bit AES encryption or an external GNU privacy guard. This app can be used for personal use as well as business and office purposes. This app is compatible with Windows, iOS as well as Linux. It has additional prevalent administrations such as Microsoft OneDrive, Amazon Cloud Drive, S3 and Google Drive too. This is one of the most user-friendly apps and it is also one of the most suitable CrashPlan alternatives.

Best CrashPlan Alternatives

One good thing I liked in Duplicati is that my data gets backed up automatically after few days which was the similar as CrashPlan.

This is not as famous as other CrashPlan alternatives but it deserves a try for sure.

Visit Duplicati Official Site

6. Acronis True Image

Just like other alternatives to CrashPlan on the list, this app also provides data assurance to each client. It also offers backup, file access, and recovery. It can be used by Microsoft, OSX and iOS users too. The recovery files are stored in a .tib format which is quite exclusive.

Best CrashPlan Alternatives

The destination for the backups can be the Acronis cloud; an external drive can be used too. Additionally, local folders on your PC can also be used for the said purpose. This app can be used to back up mobile phone data as well as data on social networking sites. It has several features similar to CrashPlan which can make it easier for Crashplan users to make a transition.

Best CrashPlan Alternatives

The best thing about this one if that it is really easy to use with the simplest Interface possible. Acronis True Image also offers lots of more tools like Clone Disk, Rescue Media Browser, Parallels Access, Acronis Universal Restore and System Clean up etc.

Visit Acronis True Image Site

7. ElephantDrive

This app is quite dissimilar to CrashPlan. It is one of the easiest apps to use for data backup. Firstly, when the app gets downloaded on your PC, it will create a folder called MyEleplantDrive. The user only has to drag and drop files into the folder. The folder will, in turn, have two other folders: firstly, backup: which will upload your data to the web with 128-bit encryption and ensured safety.

Best CrashPlan Alternatives

The other folder, called everywhere, will help you access your data from anywhere and on any PC given that the user accesses the same account. It is very simple and is a very good alternative for people who prefer minimalism. The app is free for the first 2 GB and then it is charged at $9.95 per month.

Visit ElephantDrive Site

8. Resilio Sync

More than a cloud storage service, this app also offers additional facilities which make it more attractive to the users. It is also a cloud sharing service. It operates slightly differently, but it provides quite a lot of safety. This app is also very easy to maneuver and is just as capable as the other apps. If the files saved by you are not too large, this app will turn out to be one of the best CrashPlan alternatives on the list and will provide excellent service, needless to say. This app is priced at $59.99.

You can use Resilio Sync for free for 14 days as it offers a trial for users and after that, if you like their services then you can buy their plan.

Visit Resilio Sync

9. SpiderOakONE

I’m sure you have taken a few seconds to read this unique name but as their name is unique this platform provides some of the unique features to their users. SpiderOakONE is also one of the top cloud solutions in this hugely competitive market. If you are a new user then you will be served with some of the cool features for free like backing up your data to unlimited computers.

Best CrashPlan Alternatives

And backup speed is one of the most important features which we want to know before opting for any cloud service providers, so I want to let you know that this one provides a good backup speed but still, it depends on your internet speed.

And one more thing that matters a lot is the security of your data, I’m sure you want to know this. Just like other alternatives to CrashPlan this one also encrypts your data and stores it so I can say your data will be secured.

One feature that you might miss in this cloud service is that you can’t back up with your phones but still it’s worth a try.

Visit SpiderOakONE Site

Some more CrashPlan Alternatives you can try

S. No.Other CrashPlan AlternativesOfficial Link
1.MegaHome Page
2.CarboniteHome Page
3.ArqHome Page
4.TarsnapHome Page
5.MozyHome Page
6.pCloudHome Page
7.Amazon GlacierHome Page
8.Back In TimeDownload
9.CarbonCopy ClonerHome Page
10.Amazon S3Home Page
11.Google Cloud StorageHome Page
12.F(x) Data CloudHome Page
13.rsyncHome Page
14.Déjà DupHome Page
15.EaseUS Todo BackupHome Page

Why Cloud?

A lot of our readers and maybe many of you want to know why to use Cloud Services?

So my answer is simple, if you have a ton of data which you want to manage and don’t have space to store it then you can use cloud services which will store your data on their drives and plus your data will be secured for sure as long as you want.

Doesn’t matter you are a company owner or a kid who wants to store his or her secret files or letters can use cloud services because this is the only way to secure your data till the day you die.

The major two benefits of cloud services which I can mention is that it will backup all your data automatically and your data will be secure with the help of some encryption techniques.

So at last if you are looking for someone to place your data securely then go for Cloud services as soon as the cloud companies increase their rates because demands are high.

Wrapping up CrashPlan Alternatives

So now there is nothing to fret or worry pertaining to backups, as we surely have several alternatives to CrashPlan which are almost as good as CrashPlan itself. All the examples of CrashPlan alternatives on this list do the job of backing up effective and additionally, they come along with unique features. Hence, choose among the best ones from this list!

Do let me know which is your favorite CrashPlan Alternatives in the comments below.

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