Free Music Apps Without WiFi for Android & iPhone

Free music apps without wifi are the dire need of every music freak out there. Ya, it is possible to listen to free music without wifi or Internet. You can also use unblocked music sites at school to listen to free music at your school or office etc. It ain’t possible to have a reliable network connection always, don’t worry we have this problem sorted with the list of top no wifi music apps. With the internet becoming more and cheaper and the average speed of internet services on the rise, the demand for free music apps for iPhone and Android without wifi is increasing at an exponential rate. So if you need apps you can listen to music without wifi then keep reading this article.

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If you are an Android user and searching for free music apps without wifi for android then you are most probably at the best place but if you are an iPhone user and looking for free music apps for iphone without wifi then also this list is for you. I have mentioned some great non wifi music apps which are available for both Android and iOS.

Music….what do you want it to do?

Have a soothing effect on your mood?

Want it a stress reliever?

Want it to give a facelift to your sulky mood?

Music has every problem sorted for you. Where there are romantic songs to put you into the world of solace, there are songs to which you can’t resist but dance to your heart’s content.

The free music apps without wifi also address another big problem, internet in India is not something that you get everywhere. Especially when you are traveling, many times you are devoid of any internet connection and even if you have a connection, the feeble speed makes surfing and streaming a disastrous experience. Apps to listen to music without wifi that offer music services without data or any internet address these problems quite well, if the apps are free then it is a bonanza.

Here is a list of best no wifi music apps. These are the apps that let you listen to music without wifi. Read along to explore more about them and to hit the perfect one for you.

Best Free Music Apps Without WiFi


free music apps without wifiSoundcloud is one of the most preferred free no wifi music apps that is available in the app market. The collection of songs is huge and varied. A standout feature of this app is that it allows its users to upload their own mixes. The content is up for ratings and reviews giving its popularity a little boost. The filters are well optimized and you get to look for music from your favorite artists and genres. Twitter, Facebook, and accounts of other social media sites can be associated with SoundCloud. Citing its feature that it allows its users to upload their music too provides a platform for promising artists to find fans of their work. This website has gained immense popularity among all other apps that let you listen to music without wifi.

Get Soundcloud on Android Get Soundcloud For iOS


free music apps without wifiSpotify is a name that every music lover has come across. A very popular app to listen to music without wifi. The paid version costs 12.99 US dollars. Spotify boasts of over 20 million music tracks that it has to offer to users. Allows sharing of your favorite music with your friends. You also get to join your various social media accounts so that you can easily share the music you groove to. Spotify has a nice user interface and you get to access the libraries of all top musicians.

This app is one of the most popular music free music apps for iPhone without wifi available on the web. It has 20 million music tracks from a variety of genres and artists. It is not just a no wifi music app; it is also a social app.

Once you have linked your account with a social media account such as Facebook, you can check who amongst your friends are on the app and follow them. Then the app will post your playlists and it will be visible to your friends and followers. Hence you can share your playlist with your friends and listen to theirs as well. Then again, if you are concerned with privacy, you can choose to keep your playlists and your details private. If you are looking for apps you can listen to music without wifi then Spotify is for you.

This app has another unique feature wherein it suggests songs similar to the ones you listen to already, based on same genres and artists with similar styles. Libraries and podcasts can be availed through this app. On PC, this app is free, but if you wish to download it on your mobile phone, a monthly fee of $12.99 is incurred. But the money is worth the app and the fact that it permits offline music as well.

If you are looking for nice free music apps without wifi then this could be the perfect pick for you. Along with it, it is one of the top free music apps without wifi for android.

Spotify For iOS Spotify For Android


free music apps without wifiShazam has gained immense popularity when it comes to music apps without WiFi. It sees over 100 million people flock into their app to avail their services. Shazam has another huge plus, it allows to search for song lyrics to add more spice to your free music listening experience. Shazam won’t disappoint you when you don’t have an internet connection, it also works when your phone doesn’t have a single bar of a network. The quality of streaming is very high and when it is teamed up with a huge volume, you experience a beautiful music streaming service. It is one of the most downloaded apps on the Android and iOS platforms. So you should go for it if you are willing to use apps to listen to music without wifi.

Shazam For iOS Shazam For Android

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free music apps without wifiPandora has made the cut to this list solely holding hands of the quality of service that it offers. When it comes to no wifi music apps this service is easily among the other big names. This app doesn’t sport a large volume of content but the simple user interface does the trick for it and simply provides music without wifi. In addition to many fine features, Pandora has really made a mark with its alarm clock feature. This feature allows the users to set any song from the collection as the alarm ringtone. Pandora is also famous at some places for free music apps without wifi.

The online streaming allows budding artists to upload their mixes and songs and get their due recognition. The algorithm is quite optimized, clearly evident from the high level of intuition that the app shows when it comes to identifying music matching your taste. A few days back it was the top of all other free music apps no wifi needed at all.

Pandora For iOS Pandora For Android


Musify is another popular offline music apps for iPhone. It also gives the privilege of saving your favorite songs. In this app, you get a very personalized experience throughout, you get to shuffle your songs and create playlists of your own. The content covers music from all over the world giving you a diversity-enriched catalog to choose from. All these features and you don’t need a single penny for it neither an internet connection. This app is available for free in the AppStore for iOS. No doubt it the best music app without wifi for iPhone.

Mustify For iOS

Mustify For Android


free music apps without wifiiHeartRadio is one of the top rankers when it comes to free music apps without wifi. This free music streaming app gets you connected to around 900 radio stations in the United States. This app has a very simple interface, user-friendly and smooth. You enjoy the privilege of creating your custom radio stations based on the artists of your choice. This app has made its mark on the list of free music apps without wifi with the large volume of music content, you get a catalog of over 18 million songs from about 400,000 artists. In addition, there are quite a number of live-streaming services. It is one of the great free music apps that don’t need wifi to play for sure.

Most importantly this app is absolutely free and you need no internet or WiFi connection on your device. Just like other non wifi music apps, this app also has to bear with the frequent advertisements. Overlook the irritating ad thing and this app will let you through an awesome experience.

iHeartRadio For iOS iHeartRadio For Android

Beats Music

free music apps without wifiBeats Music is another top contender on the list of top free music apps without WiFi. This is not free though, you will be charged with 9.99USD for the subscription o one month. The first month will be the trial and hence you will be able to enjoy the services for free. The user interface is simple and it has been blended with a fairly decent volume of content. You get to listen to both offline and online music. If not the best, Beats Music could be a fairly decent pick for you. Go ahead if you need music apps that work without wifi and give it a try to explore more about it.

Beats Music app is a relatively new app, launched only a few years ago. The real experience this app can only be felt along with beats headphones on. The combination is bound to take you to another world altogether.

Beats Music For iOS Beats Music For Android


free music apps without wifiGroove is surely one of the finest picks when it comes to no WiFi music apps. This app is available for both Android and iOS platforms. It has earned its place as the best app in the Canadian App Store and is quickly spreading the word about itself, thanks to the high-quality service offered. This app has the feature which allows it to create mixes right from your iTunes collection. This is the app that you crave for when you are on the move and have no internet connection. It is the best option if you need free music apps for iPhone without wifi.

Groove For iOS Groove For Android

Slacker radio

Slacker radio is another fine pick for this list of music apps without wifi. It hasn’t been devoid of high ratings from its users, thanks to its awesomeness. It has millions of songs to choose from, a large number of customized music stations. This app also hosts radio talks and some stations are exclusively available on this app only. It also hosts original shows by artists. The live music streaming stations provide us with a huge variety of choice, people with different musical interests can find their needs easily. Go for Slacker radio is you are an Android user and want free music apps without wifi for android.

More importantly, the website offers so much at absolutely no cost, ain’t it great??

Slacker radio is also a widely famous music app without internet. It is not as popular as Spotify or Pandora, but it is definitely one of the best ones because of its user-friendly interface. Slacker Radio has live streaming stations which would bode extremely well for people with vivid tastes in music. It is a great choice for music app without wifi for iPhone.

This application offers a wide range of music to look out for. This app also tends to create specialized exclusively made shows which are worth saving time for. It has an innate tie-up with radio stations which make live shows available. This app also has its own radio-stations with personally handcrafted shows for the user. Some of these shows are interactive as well. If you are looking for apps to listen to music without wifi free then you can try Slacker for sure.

But most importantly, this no wifi music app lets you avail your favorite songs offline, even in the lack of internet services. The weather channel can also be accessed. Hence, it is safe to say that it has effectively acquired the second position on this list of free music apps without wifi.

Slacker For iOS Slacker For Android

Guvera Music

free music apps without wifiGuvera Music is an excellent application when it comes to sufficing your music needs. Guvera allows both offline and online streaming making it a great need when traveling. After you register for free you get a plethora of services that you would really enjoy. It is one of the best free music apps that don’t need wifi to play.

This app has huge volume, the content besides being huge is of the highest quality that current technology can offer. You get to create your personal radio, customized playlists. You also get to listen to finished playlists of other artists and users too.You can enjoy free music without wifi whenever you want and where you want.

The paid version disables advertisements, allows you to see the names of the songs in the downloadable playlists. And lastly, the paid version also gives you the privilege of listening to music offline. Though this app is not completely free it is a must when the list of apps to listen to music without wifi is being compiled.

Guvera For iOS

free music apps without wifiThis app is available for mobile use only an is a fine pick for the list of free music apps without WiFi. This app has the smart way to keep you on with the latest music in the market, they call this service “borrowing”, under this plan you get to download music of your taste and when you get bored you exchange old songs with the new one. This is why the library keeps on padding up its statistics and never goes out of trend.

The most feasible paid plan, according to me, is the $1.49 per month one. This pack includes enough to please the average music streamer. There is a free package but there you don’t get the offline playback feature discussed earlier. For now, Bloom is only available in the UK, so obviously it is one of the top free offline music apps for iphone without internet but you don’t worry the marketing team is working to make the application available to users all over the world.

Bloom For iOS Bloom For Android


Evermusic is a fine service that allows you get all your music stored in various cloud services, get them under one roof and listen to it on your iPhone or iPad. Till date, Evermusic supports only four popular cloud services, namely Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and One Drive. The settings give you the option to download music on different modes of connection, you choose whether you want to download your music through your mobile Data or a WiFi connection. Surely you must give it a try and I bet this is one of the best apps that play music without wifi.

Evermusic For iOS

MusicXmatch Lyrics player

free music apps without wifiThis is an app was created for people who not only love the tune of music but would like to get to know all the lyrics to get the real essence of the song. This app is a great competitor for all other free music apps without wifi. does the job for you. Muck like Shazam you search for your music finds it, listen to it. Just launch this app when you are listening to a song on your smartphone, radio or TV and within a few seconds, this app will deliver the lyrics of the song to you as a text file. Additionally,  the biography of the artist is also shown and popular songs of the artist are also given as a list. Musicxmatch will always come in the list of non wifi music apps doesn’t matter how old it is.

Moreover, besides all these, you get to share everything with your friends through your social media accounts. This app boasts of more than 7 million official texts available in 18 local languages. With this app, you get hold of the largest database of texts in the whole world. You should try this one along with other free music apps no wifi needed.

MusicXmatch For iOS MusicXmatch For Android

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is an official music app made by Google, so no doubt it is one the best free music apps without wifi you can trust. This app is super fast and has a very simple user interface. You get this app preinstalled on every phone running on stock Android. Besides giving you access to all your offline music under one roof it also allows online streaming of music. You can change the mode to either “downloaded only” and online as per your requirement. You get to download music from the app for offline listening.

There are a large number of songs and they are finely sorted among different genres making navigating to your favorite one quite simple. After you buy a subscription you will also be able to create your own radio stations. The database is constantly updated with trending and new music keeping the app always trendy. So get ready to listen to free music without wifi with Google Play Music.

Download it For Android For iOS


For a very minimal subscription fee, this app does wonders for the music lovers out there in the market. The premium features include offline music, synchronization of playlists etc. According to its description on its website, it boasts of about 30 million songs in its library. Deezer is also one of the great no wifi music apps you can try right now.

All the premium features of the app will be available until 15 days from the date of installation of the program. If you don’t opt for the premium membership you have to live with the lower quality of sound and advertisements. You will get to create your own radio stations and playlists. You will not get these types of apps to listen to music without wifi free of cost, so make sure to bookmark this page.

Download it For iOS For Android

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No wifi Music Apps 2018

Through the ages, we have seen music evolve through different genres, artists, beats, and tunes. Yet, in spite of being transient, it remains as an essential part of our lives. Music is a form of art. It possesses the capability to invoke a multitude of emotions in us. Some songs make us gloomy, while some fill us with euphoria.

But it is, invariably, a requirement for everyone. From radio to computers, to I-pods, now music is most commonly heard on our mobile phones via different apps. While these apps offer millions of songs, they require an enduring net connection, which turns out to be a bit of a problem at times because of the scenario of poor internet connectivity in several parts of India. But, now music loves have nothing to worry about because several music apps have been launched which do not require an internet connection. Here is a list of best free music apps without wifi or internet to play your favorite songs.


It is one of the best apps to listen to music without wifi. It has millions of songs. In this specific app, you can look for your favorite songs by typing their name in the search box or searching for the song based on genre.

The genres are Disco, Dance and EDM, Country, Jazz Hip Hop and so many more. You can also arrange your playlist by categories. This app also lets you download the songs and save them into the playlist. So once the internet connection is not good, it will still allow you to play your favorite songs. I call it one of the best apps that play music without wifi.

Download it on Android

Jet Audio Music player

This is one of the most professional non wifi music apps with an exaggerated functionality. Everything pertaining to sound can be adjusted in this app. Every detail is customizable. From the bass, equalizer, etc. The visual features can also be adjusted, such as fonts, themes, texts, visual widgets, home screen options and also the main list of digital music formats. This app offers a 20 multifunctional 20 band equalizer, offering 30 pieces suitable for music of different directions.

To achieve ideal sound is not much easier and more accessible as well. This cache music app without wifi is user-friendly; hence people not well acquainted with ever-evolving technology can use it easily as well. Further, the settings for a transition between songs and interface can also be adjusted in the Jet Audio Music Player.

Apart from this, this app also has a large number of soundtracks which can be heard offline as well. Needless to say, this is also one of the best apps that let you listen to music without wifi.

Download it on iOS For Android


The Tidal App makes high sound quality music available to the listeners. It also has high definition video clips on the app. The app has a marvelous number of 40 million songs available. The app also allows you to view videos (music videos and vlogs), podcasts, interviews, episodes from old T.V. and radio shows, in high definition picture quality. It also offers music articles and writings pertaining to music which include biographies of artists and bands. It is also a good free music app without wifi for android.

You can create music collections and playlists and share them with your friends. This app also allows offline music. Also, it is one of the apps with the largest amount of data.

Download it For iOS For Android


MusicSense is another awesome music streaming service that functions with the primary motive of offering you with the tracks that you like, without any efforts from your side. Once you link your Facebook account to this app it monitors your music searches, the links you visit, the music you listen, your iTunes collection and so on. The program then analyses the compositions to create a list of tracks that it thinks is best suited to your tastes. Music sense automatically downloads all the tracks you like and stores them into your phone memory so that you can listen to music offline.

It also sports other interesting features such as, it has radio stations, it nicely analyses music collections to decipher the user’s tastes and get an idea of his/her choice. You get so much for absolutely zero cost making it a hit on the list of free music apps without WiFi. It is another option you can try for free music apps for iPhone without wifi.

Download it For iOS

That’s All.

So, head over to the Play Store or App Store right now to experience these awesome free music apps without wifi or without spending a large amount of data. For the most splendid experience, these brilliant apps will suffice all your musical needs.

My Favorites: Free music apps for iPhone without wifi

Beats Music is one of the top contenders when it comes to the race of free music apps without wifi with the largest volume of content. This app boasts of about 20 million song tracks. The user interface is super simple and it will make a good impression within the very first moments of use. The registration is quite simple, you associate your social media account and you are living with the app, registration takes only seconds. The music is categorized into finely divided genres making navigation a lot easier.

The subscription costs $9.99 a month, but it is absolutely worth the price. After the payment, the app would not require an internet connection and you can download thousands of songs.

One strikingly out of the box feature is that you somewhat get to run your own audio channel where you create music, mixes, share it with your friends and even recruit listeners. You can use their services in the offline mode too, making it an app of great utility when traveling. Beats Music is one of my favorite no wifi music apps.

Apple Music

The name Apple is something synonymous with quality and status when it comes to electronic devices. Parallel, in the world of digital apps, Apple has made its mark too. Apple music is an awesome app that offers a high-quality service in the iDevices only. You need a subscription to be able to download your music according to your choice. You will get a first-month-free trial though.

Just one thing, you won’t be able to share or transfer the downloaded music from your phone to any other phone. If you have more than one Apple devices then the family subscription could be the best solution to your problem. Obviously by the name we are pretty sure that it is one of the best free music apps for iPhone without wifi.

It is one of the best no wifi music apps in terms of its range of music, the user interface, the user-friendliness and the quality of sound. Your favorite songs could be searched according to genres, artists, albums or titles. Curated lists are also available on this app from prestigious organizations such as Rolling Stone Academy of Country Music. A simple station or artist can be selected based on your mood and this app will also suggest music without wifi according to your preferences.

Download it For Android

Some More apps to listen to music without wifi you can try-

S. No.Free Music Apps Without WiFi
2.TuneIn Radio
3.Free Music for iPhone Plus
4.Sound Weaver
9.Amazon Music
10.Spinrilla Pro

Let’s call it day over here, hope this list of free music apps without wifi could help you get to your ideal music streaming site. There are numerous other websites offering the same services as that of the above but all aren’t always the most desirable ones. Be careful when visiting these websites as you may land up giving space to dangerous viruses and other malicious malware’s that do a great job in intruding your privacy.

Wish you luck in your quest for no wifi music apps that would suffice all your music needs.