Ten Strategies Popular Brands Use To Explode Their Instagram Following

Always have new content coming out.

If you say you’re going to post four images per day, then you should keep up that pace. Losing access to water for even a couple of days might reduce your engagement rates.

And if you take an extended break, you may lose more than a few readers. Roughly millions of people use Instagram on a regular basis.

Publish Content Regularly and Strategically

Understanding when your target demographic is most likely to be online is crucial. There is no one day of the week or time of day that is optimal for all fields and specialisations.

It’s possible that your followers are nocturnal and most active on Instagram between the hours of 9 p.m. and 11 p.m. This is in stark contrast to the professional business people who might log in to their accounts first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon.

Post Pretty Pictures

The 103 million monthly readers of National Geographic have a lot to teach us. They’re well-known for their stunning nature photography.

This is a lesson in the importance of good photography. Many different brands employ this strategy.

The majority of famous people are constantly being photographed by what appear to be paid photographers. The truth is they have top-notch photo editing software.

Use Humour, Cheekyness, and Outlandishness

The Chubbies Instagram page provides us with everything we need in one convenient location. You’ve probably seen a few pictures online of people wearing stars and stripes shorts in the middle of winter.

Amazing Photographs with Narrative

Do you recall the joy of listening to stories when you were a kid? Instagram photos with compelling pictures and engaging narratives tend to be like that.

Airbnb is a company that excels in this area. This firm has earned a notoriety for being comparable to a heavily reduced five-star hotel.

Their website does an excellent job of making people’s tales relatable and interesting. They show how hosts and visitors see one other.

Deepen the meaning and impact

Instagram has a reputation for being a platform for the irrepressible and edgy. A constant flow of visually impressive material is shown to you.

yet lacking in substance or significance.

One company’s Instagram feed consistently features insightful and motivating posts. Onnit creates visually appealing blogs and videos that also provide useful information.

You may nearly ensure a continual stream of followers coming your way if you can consistently produce stunning material that is rich in significance.

Glamour with Character

Instagram is not short on glamour, if that’s what you’re looking for. However, captivating personality and stunning appearances are what truly capture our attention.

To make their wares more eye-catching, they use vivid hues, varied layouts, and attractive environments.

If you’re trying to sell anything, you may do something similar by being creative with your product placement and photo staging.

Paying Influencers to Promote Your Product

Big names still benefit from being recognised by those in similar fields. Companies “dumb down” their marketing strategies nowadays since classic strategies no longer work.

Now more than ever, consumers put their faith in bloggers and social media influencers rather than traditional celebrities. This explains why Instagram stars are becoming increasingly popular.

Join Forces with Opinion Leaders

Many businesses also work with social media influencers beyond just shoutouts. Nike and Kendall Jenner’s #justdoit campaign. Adidas and Selena Gomez’s #myneoshoot campaign.

Connecting with Instagram influencers is accessible to businesses of all sizes.

Some may forego payment if you propose a mutually beneficial method of partnership.

Hashtags related to your field might help you locate influential people in your field. Make a note of who could be interested in working together, and start making contact.

If you’re just getting started, it’ll be more difficult; you’ll need to invest some money to benefit from the influencers’ massive fan bases.

Buying Genuine Fans and Followers

Some Instagram users assume this strategy is only used by the socially inferior. However, this is far from the reality.

There are a lot of famous people, influencers, and corporations out there who will pay you to follow them. The difference between success and failure is the quality of the service you acquire.

Purchasing from a business that tracks your every move using AI-powered bots, for instance, might lead to a suspension of your account.

It’s a strategy utilised by companies to raise awareness of their new accounts and campaigns. Do the same until you reach a point where you are content with the growth of your account on its own.

Increase Your Fan Base Like the Big Names Do

It’s not easy to get started on Instagram if you don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t want to (or should be forced to) waste time on the preliminary stages of fan development.

You might instead model your brand after those that have previously found success.

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