How to Utilize Instagram to Drive More Traffic to Your Website and Strengthen Your Social Presence Online

We see social media as a highly effective and strong marketing medium. Although Google has clearly denied that social media is a ranking component, we have observed the value of social media in terms of engaging a community, developing a strong brand voice, and boosting content. However, once you’ve built an audience on social media sites, how can you direct their focus away from your beautifully curated feed and toward effective conversions via Instagram?

We are all aware that Instagram is a very successful and adaptable social media site that serves as not only a visually appealing channel filled with fashion bloggers, gorgeous drone pictures, and doggie influencers but also as a solid platform for marketing items. Instagram is the 2nd largest popular platform after Facebook, with the highest engagement rate.

The photo-sharing app’s popularity continues to grow daily. IG now has over 1 billion monthly active users and has announced the launch of IGTV, a long-term unique video platform. According to, “identifying the requirements, concerns, and aspirations of your intended audience frequently overlap with your own desires play a critical role in honing your unique voice.” What keeps your clients awake at night? What is their primary source of conflict in life and in business? What would simplify their lives? What are their greatest life ambitions and dreams?” We are well aware that the answer to these critical issues will be critical in developing this strategy. Utilizing these types of questions to effectively guide your entire social media presence can assist you in producing posts that are not only visually appealing but also highly related to the interest of your target audience, ensuring that they generate meaningful engagement and hence more traffic. One of the ways to do this is to buy Instagram likes monthly for every post to encourage engagement and maximize your reach. Let’s take a look at some expert tactics for driving traffic from Instagram.

Include a Hyperlink in Your Bio

Every Instagram account has a single key location on their account where you may include a clickable link, and that location is the bio. You must take advantage of this chance by including a link in your Instagram bio. To maintain the area uncluttered and clear, it is recommended to consider using a shorter URL. You must include a hyperlink in your Instagram biography that points to your store, homepage, a promotional search engine, or wherever you wish to direct traffic. The Hyperlink in your Instagram biography is intended to be the single spot for hyperlinks that all Instagram accounts can use. We understand that company accounts with 10,000 or more followers will have greater options for hyperlinking.

Utilize Instagram Stories to Reach Your Customers Creatively

Instagram Stories is a rather intriguing feature that allows for increased creativity. Instagram Stories launched in 2016 and in a year had surpassed 300 million daily active users. This was unquestionably more than Snapchat’s 187 million DAUs. Instagram Stories is a relatively new feature, and it is mostly underutilised for creating and sharing truly unique content.

Instagram Stories contain a variety of compelling and eye-catching elements, like location tagging, Gif, stickers, boomerangs and even effects. However, the most alluring and intriguing aspect of Instagram Stories is the capability to actually swipe up’ on a post. Apart from embedding a link directly into an Instagram Story, this is the only other viable method of linking directly from Instagram to your site.

Businesses and brands can utilise stories to entertain and influence their target audience creatively. To receive automatic Instagram likes, stories have to be informative, entertaining, and engaging. The stories must not be overly commercial in nature. We are aware that Instagram Stories will vanish within 24 hours. However, with the highlights function, you can preserve some of your greatest story to your Instagram account and continuously drive traffic to the links contained in your Stories. Here are a few expert techniques for engaging your Instagram Stories audience.

  • Let your intended audience experience your company or office’s actual nature by putting them behind the curtains.
  • Demonstrate products and provide sneak previews of new releases to your target demographic.
  • Post boomerang videos, incorporate polls, incorporate amusing stickers and GIFs, and make the most of Instagram Stories’ increasing feature set.

Utilize Instagram’s Shopping Feature to the Fullest

Instagram launched a shoppable feed in 2017 for business profiles with more than ten thousand followers. This functionality would enable brands to easily link to all of their products directly from their Instagram photos. Thus, it became easier and simpler for consumers to purchase directly from the app. Previously, brands could only link to their items via a single link in their bio. When an Instagram user taps on a picture with product tagged, he or she will see annotations with the price, name, and a direct link to the exact product page on the business or brand’s website. Additionally, the Instagrammer may wish to click directly on the ‘Shop’ icon located at the top of the individual brand page to browse a feed of all images tagged with products. Commerce is undoubtedly thriving on Instagram and will continue to do so with Shoppable Stories.

Utilize Analytics to Gain a Full Understanding of Your Demographics and Optimal Posting Time

Instagram Insights assists business profiles by giving critical metrics that enable them to develop an effective posting strategy that results in increased engagement and conversions. Instagram Insights enables you to monitor account activities. It displays Impressions, or the amount of times the post has been seen. You may determine your reach by viewing detailed information about the individual accounts that have viewed your article. With the help of this efficient Instagram Analytics software, you can determine the precise amount of click – through rate on your Instagram biography. Additionally, you may determine the precise number of profile clicks and the precise number of accounts which have begun to follow you. Instagram business analytics is the most effective method of determining your target audience and, as a result, adjusting your complete social media strategy. You’d be well-informed about the optimal publishing time, the type of material that generates the most engagement and response, and performs the best. You can maximise the value of all of these Instagram Analytics by posting consistently during the hours when your intended audience is most active on the network. Simply plan ahead and publish approximately ten minutes prior to the peak activity hour so that when users log in, they will find your material waiting for them.


You must now be aware of the importance of expanding your marketing plan to include Instagram. Instagram is the most effective approach to increase visitors to your web pages and conversions. You must understand that, when utilised wisely, Instagram has proven to be an excellent marketing tool for selling the product and successfully delivering organic traffic to websites. You should do a complete social media assessment on a regular basis to stay on top of your rivals and design a successful content strategy appropriately.

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