How To Create An Influencer Marketing Strategy For Instagram

Many different types of businesses are forming partnerships with influential people in order to expand their audiences and attract new clients.

This post should shed light on what an influencer campaign is and how to choose your first influencer.

Instagram stars—what exactly are they?

The stereotypical image of an Instagram influencer is a stunningly beautiful person who has amassed a massive following.

It’s not always the case, though. Instagram “influencers” have built up a following and a reputation as reliable sources who can sway the opinions of their followers.

Simply said, it’s anybody who can effectively represent a brand’s intended consumers to the masses.

How Come We Need Influencer Marketing

Compared to Facebook, Instagram may not have as many users, but its level of user interaction is far higher.

Instagram has the greatest engagement rate based on a study conducted by Quintly since the site is designed to encourage interaction with users through interesting content.

Companies may take advantage of this interest by promoting their products through influential people through influencer marketing campaigns.

Finding a Good Companion

Finding the correct collaborator(s) for an influencer campaign is, as one might expect, vital.

It might be time-consuming to look through all of the available profiles to find the ideal influencer. For this reason, businesses need a plan before doing this.


To get started, do some hashtag research and compile a list of applicable hashtags for your business.

You may next search Instagram using each hashtag to identify prospective influencers by looking for accounts whose material is consistently popular.


See how active each profile is. A high engagement rate indicates that the profile’s followers are actively participating in the conversation by commenting, like, and so on.

Two to three percent is great, four to six percent is incredible, and ten percent is called viral.


The size of the influencer’s audience is also crucial; how many people subscribe to an account’s feed?

If an account has a huge number of followers but very few interactions, you may safely dismiss it.


Make sure the influencer’s account is not going to cause any problems by doing a fast background check.

Check their previous updates to see whether they fit with the tone and message of your brand.

Follow the Money and See the Results

The final part of the formula is keeping tabs on development. Metrics for assessing performance should be prioritised by everyone, whether they are just starting out or have years of experience with influence programmes.

Each of our customers is instructed to see influencer engagements as a serious financial commitment, the success of which is measured by return on investment.

After establishing quantifiable objectives and KPIs, your company may calculate this ROI. So, the next natural inquiry is: what are these metrics?

Several common measurements used by businesses include:

  • Sales are the results of the influencer marketing effort in the form of leads and money.
  • Number of interactions with the content, such as likes, comments, shares, etc.
  • What people are saying about your brand is known as “brand sentiment,” and it may tell you a lot about how people feel about it.
  • The volume of people who check out your website.

Two elements must be kept in mind while calculating return on investment. The first is that before you link up with an influencer, you should have a solid grasp of your base figures, the numbers that you average.

Second, you should never let your measurements dictate your aims.

Might help you get back on track when you lose your way.

It takes a lot of time and effort to create a successful Instagram marketing strategy.

Businesses need to locate suitable allies, design a successful campaign, and monitor its progress constantly.

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