Instagram’s ‘Create’ Mode: Methods for Engaging with Your Audience

Swiping left from the ‘Story’ menu on Instagram will take you to a new feature called ‘Create’ Mode.

This mode, as described by an Instagram representative, allows users to post interactive stickers, drawings, and text without uploading photographs or videos.

It’s important to note that while though Mode has a completely different look and feel, you may still make use of the vast majority of the same interactive elements you’re accustomed to. The only real difference is that the’story’ interface doesn’t let you add media like photos or videos to your messages, which is required for the interactive stickers to work.

Now, let’s discuss what you’ll find in the new “Create” Mode and how you may utilise it to pique the interest of your followers.

Put up a “Ask Me Anything” sticker to encourage candour.

You may either pose a question or open it up to your followers to submit questions. Instagram furthermore offers a number of sample questions to get you started.
Put this here if you want some feedback from the public. In order to pique your audience’s attention, you should pose a question that is specific to them.

Messages in response to the sticker are sent anonymously. It appears in your story beneath the counter of how many times it has been read.

The replies may then be shared, and the contributors will be notified. This works double-duty: it not only tells your audience that you read and appreciated their feedback, but it also generates genuine interaction.

Put your innovative idea or product to the test with a Poll sticker

Use this poll sticker to find out what your target market wants to hear about next: a new campaign, product, or issue. It’s not a thorough market test, but the reaction from your followers should give you some indication of which of the two choices would be more appealing to them.

Once again, only you will be able to see the response. Under the story’s view count symbol, you can see who voted for what. As the owner of a blog or the organiser of a focused campaign, you should find this to be of great assistance. If you know who votes for which choice, you may employ both strategies and tailor each one to a certain demographic.

The poll sticker on Instagram is a great way to get feedback from your audience. Instagram’s vast user base makes it a good beta testing ground for new offerings. Insightful data on consumer preferences may be gleaned via polls, which help firms better understand their target demographic.

Talk about the accounts and pages you find most interesting to follow

This sticker’s primary use is to express your opinion on which accounts are worth following. This might be a useful method of cross-promotion if you’re trying to grow a niche-specific following. This sticker might be a fantastic starting point for establishing your specialty depending on the people you endorse.
Despite the lack of on-screen interactive features like many other stickers, this feature may still be an effective discussion starter if you have followers that have similar tastes in who they follow or who they are currently hooked into.

The settings in this Mode are extensive. It’s a great way to communicate with your audience by letting them know what you’re listening to, expressing your odd ideas, or even asking for their input in the form of questions. The ‘On this day’ function, which is included in this Mode, lets you republish an article or post you made on the same day the year before.

Use the countdown sticker to generate excitement for the upcoming product release

Are ready to release some new material? In order to alert your audience when the countdown ends, use this sticker.

This strategy for announcing the release of a new product or piece of content might prove to be quite useful. All that’s needed is a compelling enough argument to get your followers to activate the countdown alert.
Create anticipation for your next event or product release with this countdown sticker. In addition to keeping your fans interested and on their toes, this also serves as a gentle reminder of your existence and the impending arrival of something spectacular.
Putting up a countdown sticker isn’t limited to announcements. Various companies have utilised it for promotions of many kinds, including television shows, holidays, and bargains. A pizza party, for instance, might have its own countdown.

No matter how big or small the occasion, a countdown is always the right choice. But, remember the importance of a catchy title and other features like gifs or captions to draw

The “draw something” challenge is open to you

The new ‘Create’ function not only provides alternative ways to use the already stickers, but also includes a number of new premade layouts to work from.

The ‘draw anything’ challenge is an example of such a prompt. You’ll be given a blank page on which to express yourself, and by tagging people in your tale, you may encourage them to contribute their own illustrations.

Whether you’re in the art, design, or visual field, this might help you form stronger bonds with individuals in your field. Here, you may communicate with the accounts you challenge to a drawing challenge in a way that isn’t visible to other users.
Use your imagination and issue a sketching challenge to your followers. If you want people to interact with your page, this is a fantastic way to do so.

With this function, companies in the arts and crafts industry or those selling paper goods may interact with their target audience. It’s possible, for instance, to have a contest in which the winner receives a prize based on the best drawing submitted by a follower.

The community-building potential of a drawing contest should therefore not be underestimated. To avoid having your challenge get lost in the sea of other postings, make sure to give it a catchy title and include a hashtag.

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