Methods for Skillfully Moderating Instagram Comments (Hide, Pin & More)

While they may be underappreciated at times, particularly by companies, they are the lifeblood of social media. In this article, I will discuss the significance of Instagram comments, why you should care about them, and how to handle them so that you may get the most out of Instagram.

The Instagram comment is defined

Every feedback left by followers beneath your Instagram feed or Reels and lives is considered a remark. It might be inquiries, feedback on the stuff you’ve provided, or, sadly, spam.

People may interact with your brand in more ways than just by like your Instagram posts or Reels when you enable comments. Because of this, they are crucial to your Instagram strategy as a whole. They’re like the next level of interaction because they don’t happen by mistake (unless from bots) and show that your audience cares about what you have to say.

Explain the significance of Instagram comments?

You may say that I’m donning my social media dinosaur outfit right now. I might perhaps just be seeing things differently because of my advanced age.

Similarly to early blogging platforms, social media platforms formerly revolved mostly around user comments. It served as a platform for people to connect with one another, discuss various topics, and eventually build communities.

Now that Instagram and other social media are more about social media marketing and advertising, comments are often disregarded. Views and likes started to matter more than comments did, and people started to care about them more.

Instagram’s algorithm takes comments into account when determining the ranking of a post since they indicate a higher level of engagement. Thus, what you truly need is feedback, not just likes.

You may think of comments as a form of social media customer care. It’s where customers go to get answers to their inquiries, air their grievances, and occasionally (but not very often) sing your brand’s praises. And that’s where you get to reply and carry on the discussions.

Let’s go deeper into the topic of managing Instagram comments for brand accounts.

Instagram comment likes: how to use them?

We’re sure to get lots of likes now that we’re on Instagram. Did you know that you can “like” comments on Instagram posts? One should express gratitude (in addition to responding, may I add.)

The heart icon is located to the right of the remark and must be tapped in order to show approval.
You may press again to unlike it if you accidentally liked it (which is easy to do on a mobile device).

Instagram’s built-in method for hiding hate speech

If you get a lot of spam or hate comments that you don’t want your community to see, the ability to automatically hide comments is a great option on Instagram to take use of.

On Instagram, immediately

To enable this feature, navigate to your account’s settings, then choose Privacy, and finally Hidden words. Instagram now gives users the option to hide comments that it deems objectionable. If you decide that some of the hidden content is not objectionable, you can unhide it.

Instagram also lets you blacklist specific words and phrases that you deem objectionable, making any comments containing such words or phrases invisible to your followers.

Putting a comment on Instagram as a pin

Pinnable comments are especially useful when:

If your caption is too long to fit in the main text box, you can continue it in the comments, but you probably don’t want it to get lost in the sea of replies.
Someone has made a very insightful or widely-appreciated comment, and you think more people should read it.
Upon viewing a remark, swiping left will provide more options, one of which is “pin this comment” (or hold it on Android phones.) Selecting the “pin” button will make the remark stick out at the top of the comments section.

Increasing your Instagram comments

The more comments you receive on Instagram, the better, provided you have a system in place to deal with them. Here are some suggestions for generating more discussion in Instagram comments:

Activate the audience’s input by posing a question. Asking for feedback is the surest way to receive it (I know, “thank you, Captain Obvious”). The same goes for asking them open-ended inquiries.
Give them something to remark on. Publish something that will elicit thoughtful discussion.
Promote freebies and contests where participants are required to leave a comment to enter.
A nice method to get people talking in the comments is to ask them to tag a friend who is/is not [insert relevant trait here].
Act naturally and honestly in front of your audience. Like, in a way that makes people want to talk to you. Considering that feedback is the point of comments. A talk with your devotees.

What to say in response to Instagram comments?

To begin, please respond. Maintaining active participation requires a steady flow of discussion. There’s also the fact that being ignored is something no one enjoys.

Another piece of advice is to reply in the correct thread; this might be difficult if there are several comments under a post. Just tapping the “Reply” button next to a user’s comment allows you to respond directly to them rather than adding your thoughts to the thread as a whole.

Instagram Comment Filtering Guide

Instagram allows you to disable comments from certain individuals. If someone is constantly bothering you online, such as by leaving spam comments on your profile or tagging you in spam articles, this is a good way to stop them.

It may be accomplished in a few of ways:

Swipe left on a remark to see the “Report” option. Instagram allows you to report a remark, limit the user’s activity, or completely block them. You can choose to prevent access to either this specific account or all future accounts the user establishes using the same email address (quite helpful.)
Under the same section of the Privacy settings, you may choose which accounts you do not want to get notifications from.
In the “Comments” section, put the usernames of the accounts you wish to block. They will still view your posts and be able to remark, but no one else will be able to see their comments.

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