Use These Instagram Marketing Strategies to Grab Viewers’ Eyes and Make Them Stop Scrolling

You, as a social media manager, could be quite familiar with Instagram’s functionalities from the user’s perspective. Yet, have you given Instagram marketing any attention? To ensure you get the most out of this service, we’ve included some helpful hints.

Competition is high on Instagram, where there are over 25 million businesses. In this piece, I will discuss the fundamentals of Instagram advertising, provide some of my favourite agency tricks, and analyse the winning companies.

What’s the Big Deal About Instagram Marketing?

You may be scratching your head and wondering what all the hype is about if Instagram isn’t already a part of your marketing plan. The most up-to-date Instagram data is below; let’s begin with it.

A total of 2 million businesses utilise Instagram every single month.
Instagram activity has increased by 53% year over year for the top 100 companies.
Instagram has a much higher average engagement rate of 4.3%, compared to Facebook’s 0.17%.
About two-thirds of Instagrammers claim they do so just to communicate with businesses.
Currently, every single day, 500,000,000 new tales are created. The typical story has a whopping 7% participation rate.
Nearly nine in ten Instagrammers claim the service helps them keep up with their passions. Travel (45%), music (44%), and food/drink (43%).

What Every Business Should Know About Instagram?

Setting your social media KPIs is a necessary first step before we go into some Instagram business basics.

The Client Questionnaire
As your client,

  • Can I ask why you’re on Instagram?
  • To what end are you working?
  • Is there anything that will set your Instagram account apart from your Facebook page?

You should integrate Instagram into your social media plan and establish clear standards for your brand’s voice and tone before you begin posting.

Advice on promoting your business on Instagram

Don’t make such an obvious error. Take it to the next level . If you have previously signed up for a personal account, you may easily convert it to a business profile. In order to have access to these options, please go to your settings and choose Account > Switch to Professional Account.

In order to let people know that this profile is affiliated with your company, you should use the name of that company. Next, you’ll need to think of a username that will be only for your account.

It’s important to think about the picture you choose for your profile. A profile photo that serves as a logo or other brand icon is great. Considering that Instagram profiles are automatically cropped into circles, it’s best to not include any text or other important visual elements in the middle of the photo.

Ensure that your Instagram bio is fully used. Because of Instagram’s character limit, your bio should be a succinct introduction to you and your profile. Include a call to action with a clickable URL if your company has a website. Make sure the tone you choose represents the nature of your company and that you include appropriate hashtags. The summary “Life at a busy marketing agency” is what my company employs. We cannot be asked to make your CEO an internet sensation. It’s funny, but it also encapsulates who we are and what our readers can expect to find here.

Adjust your preferences appropriately. Go to “Settings” to ensure that your account is configured properly for your company’s needs. Having your Instagram followers comment on your Stories is one way to encourage interaction with your company. However, it’s possible that you don’t want to be constantly bombarded with comment push alerts. That is not the case at all; you will not. If your company offers online purchasing, you should also include the Instagram Shop function.

Keep an eye on the discussion threads. The point of Instagram is to engage with other users through comments. However, you may choose to restrict access to particular terms. Offensive words and material include those of an adult nature. You can hide certain words from public view by editing your preferences and selecting Privacy > Comments.

Please be cautious while linking accounts. Be careful if you decide to link your accounts under the settings tab. If you connect your personal Facebook profile to your company’s Instagram, you may use your personal profile picture as your company’s profile picture. It really happened just like that. To link the two services, you’ll also need to be a page admin on Facebook.

Create the required profiles. Up to five accounts may be created, and you can easily move between them without having to log out and back in. All of this may be accomplished in a single app on your mobile device. You may easily switch between accounts by tapping your username at the top and then scrolling down to the desired account. Extra accounts can be added by using the plus sign (+) button.

Tricks to Improve Your Instagram Photos & Videos

Effective Instagram marketing relies heavily on high-quality photographs. Images on the most popular Instagram accounts are crystal clear, aesthetically pleasing, and consistent with the brand. That begs the question, though: how? The best Instagram photo and video tricks, according to me.

Marketing on Instagram: Some Suggestions

Find the correct fit. The recommended sizes for photos are 1080 × 1080 pixels (square), 1350 x 1080 pixels (portrait), and 608 x 1080 pixels (landscape). Instagram will automatically resize them, so be sure that any important text or logos won’t be cropped out.

Include a bunch of pictures. Stories may be told through the use of several photographs inside a single post. You may start by listing your materials in one thread, then describe your preparations in another, and then reveal the final result in a third.

Do some filtering. You may modify your photographs before uploading them to Instagram by using one of the many filters that come standard with the app. Not Photoshop, mind you! For best results, ensure that your photo is of good quality and has all necessary features. The Instagram app also lets users tweak their photos’ exposure, contrast, structure, warmth, saturation, colour, fade, highlights, and shadows.

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