This Year’s Instagram Trending You Need To Know About

Is it still a good idea to put money into Instagram? Yes, to put it briefly. Instagram may be struggling with its own identity as it attempts to compete with TikTok, but it’s still a great place to find a large online audience.

How about TikTok, though?

TikTok’s domination is evident, as seen by Instagram’s frantic attempts to catch up to the video-sharing app’s rising stardom and innovative features. Users have been outspoken in 2022 about how displeased they are with several current Instagram trends, and Instagram runs the risk of losing its base. Nevertheless, the world of social media develops quickly. The following list of developments suggests that Instagram still has some cards to play in order to keep its strong position among both its existing and potential user bases.

1. Instagram is Now Obsessed with Reels, and You Should Be Too.

The rest of our list is not ranked in any particular order, but nothing else could conceivably be number one. Reels have been a major focus on Instagram this year and will continue to be so in 2023.

2. Culture Scan: Instagram’s Latest Sound Waves

Branded material may take cues from popular audio clips that are itself trending, much as it can from popular TikTok videos. Instagram audio trends can shed light on societal developments, generational aspirations and mementos, pop culture phenomena, mental health aphorisms, and more.

3. The Third Development in Instagram Stories

There have been some notable Instagram Stories updates as of late, some of which we are excited about and others of which have left us scratching our heads:

Story Connections

The most talked-about change is probably that you no longer need 10,000 followers to get a link sticker (the old “swipe up” function). The previous limit of 10,000 followers on Instagram Stories has been lifted. This is a big deal for Instagrammers who own companies or who have a small but dedicated following, since they can now more easily link to relevant material like blog articles, event signup sites, and other landing pages.

An excerpt of 60 seconds

We are still on the fence about this one. An Instagram upgrade as of late enables the submission of 60-second Stories in one continuous clip, rather than in the usual 15-second segments. Because users are accustomed to the tapping style of Stories, it’s a big ask for them to sit through a full minute of uninterrupted viewing, which in turn affects.  

4. Shop on Instagram

The Instagram shopping trend is another one to keep an eye on. Sprout Social claims that 70% of Instagram users shop on the platform. Since so many users use Instagram to look at and maybe buy things, the app’s makers have enhanced its shopping features to make finding what you’re after easier.

Items may be linked from photographs and videos, which is ideal for both influencers and companies because it allows viewers and scrollers to find out more information without having to leave the app.

5. Collaborative Videos

There’s room for expansion in our earlier discussion of this, but it bears repeating. Instagram’s addition of collaborative posts is one of the most exciting and significant updates to Reels. A Reel can have two creators, each of whom would be credited with a single line of the description.

6. Sixth, Using Other Channels to Advertise Your Own

In addition, it is becoming less of a hassle to share content between several social media sites. You can now use Instagram Stories to post tweets, which is a terrific way to gently encourage people to follow you on Twitter while also providing a welcome respite from your usual Story material.

7. The Creator-Power of Seven

Offering a media kit option is a common practise across competing platforms, and Instagram is following suit in an effort to get creators to use its service. It may help influencers organise their collaborations with brands and uncover new business possibilities.

This function, formally known as your “Creator Profile,” enables you to promote yourself and your work within the context of your chosen app. A potent method of eliminating the intermediary while while motivating Instagram users to keep making content there rather than, say, switching to TikTok.

8. Find It On A Map

An important new feature of Instagram is the ability to look for local businesses through a map. Using other users’ geotargeted posts and tags, you may now reach a wider audience and potentially get new clients.

9. Time-Based Replays

Finally, the restoration of the chronological feed on Instagram is a trend that may or may not have a significant effect on businesses. It’s the type of addition that consumers complain about wanting, but rarely appreciate once it’s made accessible. Nonetheless, it’s a factor that businesses shouldn’t ignore, since it may facilitate reaching target audiences without relying on an algorithm.

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