How To Make A Viral Video On Instagram

Among these changes is the one I’d like to discuss today: extending the maximum duration of videos beyond the previous limit of 15 seconds.

Instagram has extended the maximum duration of videos from 15 seconds to an incredible 60 seconds.

To assist you keep up with Instagram’s constant changes and ensure the success of your video marketing campaign, I’ve compiled a handful of the most effective techniques used by top businesses to date.

Become familiar with Instagramming norms.

The failure to understand the regional culture is the root cause of these flops.

Recognize Instagram’s intricacies

Knowing Instagram’s inner workings is crucial for any business hoping to make use of the platform for video marketing purposes.

Making it easy for consumers to locate, follow, and engage with a company on Instagram and elsewhere online is crucial.

Make sure your bio is complete and your primary site is linked to in your profile. At the same time, you should promote your Instagram account on your main site so that people may follow you there.

Instagram’s basic tenet is the concept of user-to-user sharing of visual content in order to increase profile visibility. You may obtain some attention and endorsements from major businesses by just asking them to promote you. Also, have your followers provide video testimonies for you, since this will have a significant impact on any potential new subscribers.

Major Methods and Equipment

Hashtags are another important instrument, and they are used efficiently by well-known businesses. These are a few examples of great practises that should go without saying:

  • Be specific while using hash tags. Instagram’s blog discusses the difference between “#van” and “#vwvan” in this context. The second option narrows the search, whereas the first forces the user to sift through results for every possible make and model of van before finding what they’re searching for.
  • You should be judicious with your use of hash tags. Including a dozen or more tags on your article makes it look like you have no idea where you’re going. Reduce the number of tags to only those that truly apply.
  • Be wary of any grammar or spelling mistakes. It might be challenging to understand what the author means when words are jammed together.

Put up some good videos

You can only do so much with words, but Instagram provides you the option to create incredible tales with pictures. Instagram videos are excellent for summarising your brand’s mission and values in 60 seconds or less. Storytelling is a powerful tool for expanding your brand’s reach and making interesting visuals and videos.

Do something different from the usual methods of advertising and promotion to raise awareness of your company and its products. This doesn’t mean you need to start over with a brand-new identity; rather, it means you should highlight the adaptability of the one you already have.

Creating animated explainer movies is the greatest approach to make your product stand out from the crowd since animation is the best for explaining complexity in a short amount of time. When compared to live action movies, these animations are very inexpensive, making them an attractive option for companies with limited budgets.

Recognize when and how to implement video.

Since scheduling a post is not an option on Instagram, you’ll need to think strategically about when you share your material. I’m sure I’ve stressed before how important it is to focus on quality rather than quantity. It’s a good idea to publish frequently, preferably when you know a large portion of your audience will be online.

Furthermore, consistent high-quality information is what keeps readers engaged. Union Metrics found that the typical volume of Instagram content published by brands is 1.5 updates per day. Nevertheless, the study found no causal relationship between the number of posts made and the number of responses.

Raising your profile is a must.

When trying to boost conversions and sign ups, it might be difficult to have a fantastic video and use your video effectively. Three or four posts each day are recommended to maximise exposure and reputation.

Be interesting enough that others will want to follow you.

Waiting around for individuals to start following you might be a waste of time. Yet, your chances of getting noticed on Instagram go up when you use a variety of promotional strategies. If you want someone to follow you after seeing your profile page, you should provide them a compelling incentive to do so.

One strategy is to offer incentives to those who follow your Instagram account. Bolthouse Farms, maker of the Bolthouse Juice line of fruit juices, conducted an Instagram promotion offering consumers a $1.50 discount in exchange for posting images of their Bolthouse goods or related artwork.

Provide interesting material

Yet, this does not imply that you must always offer incentives to visitors. In addition to your website’s attractive design, traffic may be increased by publishing interesting content. Provide sneak peeks into the process. Share with your audience a sneak glimpse of your forthcoming service or product. Focus on what they care about.


Marketers will have even more chances to reach their target demographics as Instagram’s video features continue to mature and expand. Companies may now offer advertisers video advertisements, giving them access to a hitherto untapped medium.

You can skip the line though. You may increase your brand’s visibility on social media by using Instagram video marketing, so don’t wait any longer to get started.

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