How To Leverage Instagram Stories To Boost Your Brand?

More than 500 million people view stories on Instagram every day. Or that *one* direct message is sent to business accounts for every five Stories that are shared?

A promising lead is calling your name.

No need to endure unpleasant cold calls or emails.

I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you’re missing out on opportunities to expand your business if you don’t make time to use Instagram Stories.

You can increase your audience engagement, spread the word about your company, get people to visit your website, and perhaps generate some sales with Instagram Stories.

Don’t know where to begin? It’s taken care of by me.

Step-by-step guide to successful use of Instagram Stories

Your company’s Instagram account is like a reality TV show.

When people look at your Instagram account, they see the “magazine version” of your business.

You may use this online portfolio to showcase your greatest work and reach out to potential clients.

In contrast, Instagram Stories are your chance to show the real you behind your feed’s polished surface.

It’s an opportunity to let your followers in on the reality of your life outside your feed by revealing the real you, even if that means going makeup-free and letting your hair down while watching Netflix in your pyjamas on a Sunday afternoon.

Just by spending five minutes a day sharing anything in your Stories, you may begin to build a strong connection with your audience and ultimately convert them into devoted, lifelong customers.

You want a follower to remember you when they need your products or services, even if they aren’t ready to buy from you right now.

Who do you suppose will immediately come to their minds?

One) A Facebook ad on their news feed?

2) Or a person they have been watching and coming to trust over time?

Instagram Story Topics: What To Share

Here are some suggestions on what to tell your audience:

The Unseen Workings of Your Company

Integrate them into the routines of operating the company.

Your remote team can benefit from hearing your tried-and-true methods for staying organised and maintaining morale.

Early Looks at Upcoming Products

A service like this is perfect for building anticipation for the release of a new product or service.

Believe me when I say that there will be a ready market for your new venture when you are ready to unveil it to the public, making it simple to sell and meet your objectives.

You can see a preview of the updated version of my popular Instagram training course, Social Bank, in the Instagram Story embedded above.


Make use of Instagram Stories to document the development of your company. Brands benefit greatly from sharing their experiences, whether they be obstacles overcome or triumphs like landing a new customer.


Don’t be shy about telling them how it really is.

If you’re feeling the need to rant, call up your fans and see what they think you should do. By admitting you don’t have all the answers, you humanise yourself and connect with your audience on a deeper level.

People may like or momentarily admire individuals who appear to have it all together and lead picture-perfect lives, but they love and stay loyal to those who are multifaceted, who share both the good and the terrible parts of their life, and who are real, honest, and one of a kind.

Ideas for Businesses to Discuss on Instagram Stories

Struggling to think of anything to write? Here are a few Instagram Story concepts to help keep your profile fresh and popular:

Vent your anger

Don’t be afraid to have a strong opinion about a matter; that doesn’t mean you have to pick up your phone and rant at the screen. You may use Instagram Stories to criticise the business world if you so choose.

There will be those who appreciate what you have to say and those who will not. But don’t let that response dampen your spirits. Taking a principled stance, even if it means drawing criticism from those around you, is the surest way to earn lasting respect and renown.

Be Honest

When was the last time you gave your audience an honest portrayal of what it’s like to manage a company? Monthly revenue reports are one of my favourite methods to do this.

I’d want to let you in on the dirty little secret that running an internet business isn’t just relaxing with a drink in your hand on a beach in Bali.

Schedule some time to think about things you can tell others about.

It doesn’t have to be the finer points of accounting if a novel marketing strategy that generated some new leads is more your speed.

Demonstrate Your True Self

Human interaction is valued in commercial transactions.

Show your fans that you’re human by giving them a glimpse into your real life.

You don’t need to appear perfectly put together on Instagram Stories, so feel free to let your hair down as it normally would.

You can even post completely off-topic material if you choose. It might be as easy as scheduling a night at the movies, a family dinner or a trip to the dog park with your lovely pooch.

Gain followers

The majority of your fans and customers won’t be at the conferences and events you attend as a business owner.

Include them in the journey by revealing intriguing tidbits from presentations, discussions with industry experts, and your own analysis of the most pressing issues facing your field.

Tell your followers if you’re going to be having coffee with another business owner. Invite them to submit queries and turn the session into a thought-provoking discussion.

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