How To Obtain More Followers On Instagram?

Instagram is the social media marketing industry’s worst kept secret.
More than one billion people use Instagram each month, with 500 million daily active users. For companies with material to distribute, the prospect of reaching some of the most enthusiastic consumers ever is enormous.

In this article, we’ll go through 9 tested methods that have been shown to increase your Instagram following. We won’t waste your time with quick fixes, but instead will show you the strategies used by some of today’s most successful firms on Instagram.

Put Instagram’s formula to work for you

To boost your content and follower count on Instagram, you need have a firm grasp of how the platform’s algorithm operates.
Only 2%-10% of Instagram users will see a brand’s organic post in the feed. Many business owners have been left wondering where they went wrong as a result of this.
Brands can, fortunately, put this information to good use. To achieve this goal, you should focus on the following ranking variables used by algorithms:

Important measures of engagement include: likes, comments, shares, video, live video, Story, and saved post views.
Indirectly owned: Direct shares on Instagram are considered very engaging.
Relationships: Instagram’s goal is to increase user engagement and time spent on the site by presenting users with material they are most interested in. Rankings favour posts from close friends and relatives.
Relevance: It’s the relative importance of each post to each individual.
Time: Timing is more about regularity than specificity.
Searches: What’s shown depends on how often and how many times certain search phrases are used.
Efforts in the Forum: Using the information you’ve just gained about the Instagram algorithm, we’ll show you how to create content that people will want to interact with (and follow) in the sections that follow.

Use Trending Hashtags

Hashtags are a tried-and-true method for attracting new followers on Instagram. Hashtags have been an indispensable tool for discovery and brand expansion on social media for a long time now.
Adding hashtags to your Instagram pictures is one thing; doing it effectively is another.
What, though, are the best hashtags for your company to use? Instagrammers like some hashtags over others, much like Twitter users do. You may increase your chances of gaining new followers and being noticed by posting images, videos, and Instagram Stories that include the most trending hashtags.

Spread UGC

Have you ever discovered a brand’s Instagram account and been amazed by the number of followers and the quality of the photos they post? All companies want their content to be engaging and interesting, yet doing so remains one of the toughest obstacles in advertising.
User-created content (UGC) is useful in several situations.
User-generated content may be simply understood as companies showcasing the most compelling influencer material from around the web on their own social channels or other platforms, with proper attribution to the original author.

Rely even more heavily on Instagram Stories

I don’t know about you, but I spend as much time, if not more, checking through Instagram Stories as I do the Feed.
Did you know that among Instagram’s more than a billion monthly active users, 86.6% share new material every day in the form of a Story?
If a company is wanting to move beyond the static nature of their Feed, Instagram Stories may be a tremendous marketing tool. Brands may take use of Instagram Stories’ many tools to boost their visibility by using hashtags, locations, polls, countdowns, accounts they follow, stickers, links, GIFs, filters, and more in their posts.

Get Started Making Trailers

Due in no little part to global Covid lockdowns, reels sprang into the Instagram scene in 2020 and rapidly became very popular.
They’re very much like TikTok, and Instagram has made Reels its primary emphasis in an effort to match the astronomical success of TikTok. since of their “audience adjacent” nature, Reels are a terrific addition to any Instagram follower growth plan since they expose users to content from accounts they don’t already follow as they scroll through their feed. This leaves the door wide open for finding new and relevant accounts depending on individual preferences.

Sponsor a Prize Draw

Offering freebies is a tried and true method of making your audience happy. Offering a freebie in exchange for a follow, like, remark, or post on Instagram is possible with the help of giveaways.
If you have a successful giveaway, you’ll be able to introduce your product or service to a wider audience (through your followers’ friends and family) and build brand loyalty. Amika is one of our favourite companies since they often host fantastic contests. And signing up for them is a breeze!

Maintain a Regular Posting Schedule

Two of the most crucial elements of a winning strategy on Facebook are:

  • Your material, specifically.
  • How often you publish Content frequency is as crucial as content quality when it comes to expanding your audience. Your Instagram feed should always be bursting at the seams with excellent posts.
  • Why? Because your Feed also takes into consideration the accounts and sorts of content you’ve connected with in the past, it’s not only dependent on who your brand follows. Instagram’s algorithm gives greater prominence in the Feed to material it predicts its users will “engage” with.

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