Developing And Promoting Shoppable Instagram Posts To Increase Social Media Sales

About five years ago, Instagram began allowing users to add “Shop Now” buttons to their posts. a revolutionary change in how brands approach e-commerce and digital sales channels.

Every day, Instagram attracts more and more users, and as a result, more and more brands are turning to the platform to connect with potential customers all over the world.

In response to such brand marketing and promotion, Instagram introduced Shoppable Instagram Posts, a feature that enables brands to sell their products and services directly from the platform.

More importantly, Instagram simplifies consumers’ path to purchase by providing additional information and insights. Instagram now allows users to buy products directly from user-posted links without ever having to leave the app.

Now we know that Instagram is the most cost-effective method of increasing sales.

Let’s take a closer look at how shoppable Instagram posts can boost your social sales.

What Are Shoppable Instagram Posts?

“Shoppable Instagram is the visual catalogue of the brands that vibrantly showcase the products and merchandise with the product details, specifications, and price tags that helps the brands reduce customer’s purchase path,” says Taggbox.

Images shared on Instagram that can be purchased via the app feature a small shopping bag icon in the post’s lower left corner. To learn more about any of the items mentioned in the post, simply click on the icon.

Users can view prices, descriptions, and links to purchase information for products with a single click. Users will be able to visit your site after clicking the link you provide, where they will be able to complete their purchases without any problems. Which will take your social media marketing to new heights.

Curious about Shoppable Instagram Posts and how it can help you increase sales with Instagram? Then continue reading this blog to see if there is any way this medium can benefit your company.

Attention Please:

It’s important to make sure your business is located in one of these countries before planning Shoppable Instagram Posts: the United States, Brazil, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, the United Kingdom, Spain, or Italy.

A Facebook page, the most recent version of Instagram, and a Business account on Instagram are also prerequisites for selling on the platform.

How to Increase Revenue Using Instagram Shoppable Posts

It’s not a typical job to sell products through Instagram Shoppable posts, but it is possible by combining two approaches.

There are two ways to make your Instagram posts shoppable: the first is to use Instagram’s built-in “Shoppable Instagram” feature, and the second is to build shoppable Instagram posts on your website or online shop.

Instagram Now Allows Users To Make Their Posts Shoppable

Follow these instructions to get started selling on Instagram if you meet all the requirements for the Instagram merchandising store:

Get Started With Your Own Facebook Catalogue

To get things rolling with your Facebook Catalog, upload images and videos of your products along with detailed descriptions. In a nutshell, Facebook Business Manager makes it easy to set up a Facebook Catalog.

Integrate Your Instagram Business Profile With Your Facebook Store.

After setting up a Facebook store, you have the option of either manually adding products or importing them from your existing online store. After verifying your Instagram Business account, you’ll be able to activate Shoppable Instagram by connecting your Facebook store with Instagram. Choose the items you want to promote and then click “Done” to add them to your Instagram posts from Facebook Shop.

Product tags in Instagram posts

You can now tag products in Instagram posts by using the Tag Product feature after activating the Shoppable Instagram option. Choose the exact item featured in the post and use it as a tag.

The benefit here is that you can include as many products as you like, provided they are all visible in the posts and on the website.

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