10 Best Sites Like Couchtuner that will Make your Life Better

Counchtuner is the ideal place to binge your favorite series. It is very popular especially because it is free and you can stream episodes anytime. But it is not legal and hence faces the trouble of getting blocked because of copyright violation. That’s why people keep searching for other sites like couchtuner with which they can stream free movies online without registration at all.

Further, you would like to enjoy more than just a series. So today here at Blogsubway we are sharing a list of top Couchtuner alternatives that you can use to view documentaries, stream anime shows, feature films along with TV shows.

If you are frustrated with the pop-up ads of these movie sites then you can also give a try to these free movie apps for android.

10 Best streaming Sites Like Couchtuner 2019

sites like couchtuner

1. 123 Movies

sites like couchtuner


When I think of a website that can stand in the place on Counchtuner, 123 Movies is the first name that comes to my head.

It is loaded with not only movies and TV series but also with a huge collection of documentaries and short films. It is one of the best sites like couchtuner you must give a try. The website has a great user interface and does not require registration for accessing the website.

You can watch movies and shows that are ranking top each year and stream the latest episodes of your favorite series soon after it is released. You can watch all-time best movies on this site.

The website offers a neat catalog of movies arranged based on genres allowing you to enjoy variety in motion pictures. You can make country based searches as well. This is an awesome tool for people who are looking for something more than just Hollywood. You can also pick from their long list of stars and directors. None of these are exhaustive.

You can look up your favorite films by typing the name into the search bar. As you type relevant search results will list down and you can click to watch. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can request for that to be included. You can also download movies for free.

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2. Curcira

sites like couchtuner

This site is down right now!

If you are looking for series alone, this is the place for you. It offers you a wide range of TV shows from various genre, covering a lot more than good old Couchtuner. It is one of the top sites like couchtuner that don’t require an account means you don’t have to sign up at all.

You can subscribe to the website and get updates whenever a new episode is uploaded. You can request for the show that is not currently available on the website. Rest assured, they will try and get it for you and the interested others on the website.

You can choose from the alphabetically arranged array of shows or just punch in the name into the search bar. You can slide between stupid and genius works, filter out according to your taste. Maybe a less-brainy melodrama is good for you after a rough day at work. For Sunday nights, you might want works to surprise you with their brilliance. You can get whatever you want. It notifies you about new uploads and latest seasons.

When you choose a series, it will list down all the episodes so that you can pick up where you stopped. It will color the hyperlinks you followed in a different shade so that you know where you left off.

3. Series Online – Couchtuner alternative

sites like couchtuner


Series Online is a great Couchtuner alternative more than Curcira because of its impressive store of movies. It is easy to access and comfortable to use. It offers you image listing rather than word listing. You can easily identify your favorite shows and movies. This website is neatly organized and is pleasant on the eye.

Register only if you are eager to get updates. Otherwise, jump right into viewing your favorite soaps and cinemas. It offers a large pool to select from. The database is made very accessible through listing through separate categories for movies and TV-series. You can search by genre, country or simply pick from the alphabetically arranged listing.

You can demand flicks that are not available on the website. It offers you a separate top IMDb category that gives you direct pass into the world of instant classics. It also you can watch movies right away or add them to your personal list of favorites. It also allows you to watch the trailer of a movie before actually viewing the movie letting you decide for yourself.

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4. Popcorn Flicks

Popcorn Flicks is an ideal substitute for Couchtuner. It is free and allows you to easily access movies, webisodes, and viral videos. It has separate categories for comedy, drama, family, action, documentaries, romance, etc. You can discover forgotten gems of old movies with their painted posters and glamorous acting through the ‘nostalgia’ category.  It has a catalog of Staff picks that have a wide variety ranging from New Arrivals to Critically Acclaimed.

Popcorn Flicks have sperate Espanol category is most suitable for people who are into Spanish production. You can also mesh out independent art movies, game shows, and NAT GEO shows. The movies listing with each category allows you to choose from popular ones or A-Z listing.

You can select a movie and start watching it right away. It would not ask you to download or force you to watch an advertisement. You must try this one if you have decided to try some tv streaming sites like couchtuner.

Visit Popcornflix

5. Solar Movie

sites like couchtuner


Solar Movie is another site like Couchtuner that allows you to enjoy free movies. It is a very reliable movie and shows search engine, driven by images that help you identify the movies and soaps that you are looking. It makes suggestions out of the latest movies available. You can have a high definition experience of movies and series.

The best part is the wide range of filters. You can choose from the latest uploads, based on the year of release. Also, you can filter out the movies that have the highest IMDb rating. You can also filter out the movies based on peer picks and viewer rating as well as popularity on Solar Movies.

Moreover, it offers you a wide range of categories ranging from crime or costume to horror or history. You can open up separate exclusive catalogs of movies and TV-series. It also offers you a selection of nations.

You can watch series and cinema from Asia, Europe, and America. You can create an account and list the videos that you would like to watch and add movies to your favorite. Must try this one of the top couchtuner like sites if you are fond of watching movies.

6. StreamLikers – One of the Top couchtuner like sites

sites like couchtuner

Sorry, This site is down right now!

If you are interested in a service that can get you smooth streaming of movies and TV series, then StreamLikers is the website for you.

The site offers you a great catalog of interesting content. You can enjoy this website in a light controlling night mode as well. You can get news and updates about the latest uploads by following the website on various social media platforms. Apart from movies and shows, you can also watch Netflix originals.

You can learn about movies, read the description, duration, release date, rating, genre and detailed list of cast and crew when you select a particular movie. You can also choose to stream videos in HD as well as download for free. You can rate movies yourself. The site does not even require you to sign in. You can share movies links through about 200 platforms.

So you can instantly distribute the link to friends who would like to watch the movie. It offers you a decent range of genres and associated catalog to choose movies from. The website is well managed and easy to access.

7. Putlocker HD

sites like couchtuner


Putlocker is another wonderful alternative for Couchtuner. It is a platform that is clearly organized and offers all cinephiles an awesome experience without the need to pay for. It is quite fast and its database is very satisfying. You can enjoy the multitude of movies and TV serials from everywhere.

You can search for movies based on their names, genres, the nation of origin, language and category based on the release date.  You can also watch webisodes and anime on the site without registration or subscription fees. You can log in and hold an account if you wish to.

Putlocker HD shortlists the movies and shows based on internet movie database rating, the number of views on the website, recent uploads, featured and reviewed categories, etc. It showcases a large pool of new releases and provides an understanding of the movie’s ratings and peer responses. Its top 5 categories would be a nice place for novice movie lovers to commence.

If you cannot find the movie that you are looking for you can place a request on the website and the website will get the movie for you. So, that’s the reason this is one of the best sites like couchtuner for movies in 2019.

The same goes with TV series and soap episodes. Moreover, this website is one place to binge watch your favorite anime shows uninterrupted. The best part is, this website brings together a fraternity of film lovers and a community where you will fit in.

8. Rainierland

sites like couchtuner


Are you on love with Couchtuner’s layout? Then, you have come to the right place.

The setup Rainierland would feel nostalgic for sure. Here, good net speed is all that you want to enjoy the classical wonder of cinemas and the delight of television soaps. It is of the great movie streaming sites like couchtuner.

Forget the bundling of impatience and the wait till the next episode arrives. Rewatch all the episodes of your favorite shows in one go. Rainierland is neatly organized. You will be impressed that by scanning through the alphabetically arranged catalog you can get the movie right away. You can watch new releases, chose based on rating and releasing year.

The home page on Rainierland, similar to Couchtuner, has a righthand bar with a small synopsis of all the trending movies and series to gives you the right amount of information.

9. Vodly Movies

sites like couchtuner


Vodly Movies is an awesome replacement for Couchtuner. It feels like Couchtuner reborn.

It is a beautiful website that can get you addicted. It is not intending to let you go. You will not want to will its homepage announcing the homecoming of thrilling box office toppers and new releases. It will charm you with the categorically arranged catalogs. Each genre has plentiful movies covered.

Search for shows and TV series is not restricted to ratings and release dates. You can binge the movies of your favorite stars. There is a separate catalog for movies based on the actors who made them immortal.

The best part which makes it one of the top streaming sites like couchtuner is it is all image-coded. You don’t even need to figure out the name of the star to find their movies. When you are looking for soaps, you will be surprised by how they have listed down all the seasons, episodes and description to each along with the aired date.

With each movie or webisode, you can decide whether to watch it right then or download for later. It offers an insight into the video through the description, lets you watch trailer, poster, relevant images and scenes plucked from the picture and recommends similar movies. Based on user reviews, run time, etc. you can choose to watch or not.

10. SnagFilms

sites like couchtuner


This list of other sites like couchtuner will be incomplete without this absolute heaven for all indie-movie lovers. It has a brilliant collection of 5000 independent movies, TV shows and documentaries the covers almost all the genres and themes.

You will love this place.

It is advertisement driven and free of any charges. You will absolutely love this place. And guess what, it is fully legal. You can enjoy all those marvelous movies without the guilt of pirating and not giving enough appreciation for the people who created it.

Wrapping up Couchtuner Alternatives

Chill on your couch and relish the eye-opening and motivating movies covering topics that are seldom talked about in mainstream movies. History, LGBTQ+ pride, refugees, sports, economics and climate change are only a few of the plethora of topics discussed through motion pictures on the website.

I understand that many of these sites like couchtuner are not very legal. But their legal alternatives are really expensive.

You will have to subscribe to all the Netflix, Hulu, HBO and Prime Videos at the same time. And following some other place for anime and other content. Most of the sites listed have everything covered.

Moreover, many of these offer a wide variety of content from all parts of the world. That is something even paid cable service is failing to deliver. You can watch classics from all around the world through Couchtuner alternatives.

Once in a while, we are disappointed to know that some video is not available or is blocked for reasons. This list has several places that can get you what you are looking for.

No movie lover should have a hard time finding movies.

Sit back and enjoy.

Don’t forget to comment below and let us know your favorite sites like couchtuner and also share this list with your friends & family, and let them know about these great options to watch free movies online.