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Sites like putlockers are the best way to stream movies online. Our immense love for movies, sitcoms, TV shows leads us into the quest for sites that give us an uninterrupted source of entertainment. PutLocker is a website that can be counted as one. The demands for websites like putlocker, which allow free streaming of movies and other shows, have risen exponentially. There are lots of alternatives of Putlocker available on the Internet but only a few of them are actually similar sites like Putlocker which you can try.

These putlocker alternatives offer a huge variety of genres which lead us right into the movies that we were longing to enjoy. Movie Sites like PutLocker saves us the time that would have been otherwise spent in uselessly searching the content we want. Most importantly they are free, Yes you heard it right, all your movies in place absolutely free of cost. 

Let’s first know what exactly PutLocker is?

PutLockers is one of the most popular online streaming services that provide us with a one-stop solution to all our virtual entertainment needs. From movies to sitcoms you name they have it. It too boasts of a remarkable user interface, it has a well-optimized search option that helps you get to the movie you want with the right keywords.

Be aware of clone sites that copy PutLocker, they ruin the whole experience of watching a movie with their annoying ads and pop-ups. Some also have malicious links to them, clicking on which might land you in serious trouble. Let’s see some of the best alternatives to PutLocker.

Best Movie Sites like Putlockers 2018

Solar Movie

Solar Movie is one of the best streaming sites like putlockers

Sites like putlockers

Best Movie sites like PutLocker

This website boasts of a laser focussed search engine that leads you right to the content you are searching for. It doesn’t require you to have an account with stream movies through the website, which is a huge plus. Solar Movie displays popular and trending movies on its homepage and sports a rating option for any movie, this helps you to choose the right movie you want to watch. So this is a good option to try if you are looking for putlocker alternatives.


123Movies is one of the best alternatives of putlocker for streaming HD movies. It also allows users to download movies from the website. The user interface is very simple and pleasing. This website allows you to pick movies based on the country like if you want to watch a Chinese movie, you are at the right place.


If you are looking for similar sites like Putlockers then Fmovies is for you. This is a website which made the cut to this list solely because of the quality that it boasts of. This website gives us pleasant watching experience without any advertisements; it is free of cost too. Users also enjoy the privilege of downloading movies along with their subtitles. It provides links to numerous sources for you to stream from. It has a plethora of genres, from old to new they seem to have everything.


Viooz is also a notable free online streaming service that allows users to not only access their content for free but also to download them and watch it offline, surely this website deserved to make the cut. So, Viooz always is a good option too with websites like putlocker.


This website is emerging out as one of the most successful PutLocker alternatives. It has the potential to draw huge traffic into it, thanks to the wide variety of genres that it provides access to. Besides, the genres the content is also of high quality. It sports an easy to use interface with a simple but effective search option.

These websites like putlocker also provide access to movies from various nations.

Some More sites like PutLockers


This alternative to putlocker has a straightforward and efficient user interface that eases the process involved in searching for the right content. It is entirely free and not a single penny is charged for streaming online content through the website.

One of the cons of this website is that you will come across lots of ads, but there is nothing to worry as they give you the option to remove the ads for 24 hours by sharing whatever content you accessed on the website. Even though it doesn’t boast of a huge database but its simplicity is the key to its being on the list.

No doubt that this website is surely one of the top choices for online viewers. So, this putlocker alternative deserves your one change for sure.


Movie4K has a remarkable volume of content which can be accessed absolutely free of cost. The website has every movie sorted on the basis of letters, order, and type. This allows users to avoid hassles when searching for movies on the website. Movie4k is one of the top similar sites like Putlocker every movie lover should try.


This website surely should be given a place on the list of top movie streaming websites like Putlockers, backed by its wonderful performance on screens of any size and shape. From cell phones to computers it does a decent job. The most striking part is its tie-up with the very well known and popular Sony Pictures. This feature acts as a huge plus for this putlocker alternative.

It has a very wide range of collection and its variety of the contents is a sure factor for its popularity. Though you will have to sit through some commercials in between movies, they are only short and hence don’t affect your mood. So you should try this Movie sites like PutLocker once.


The similar sites like Putlocker are constantly updated with new content, this website therefore never lags in terms of volume of content that it has to offer. It has a content count of over 1500 movies scattered over different genres.

Altogether this website is a great place to be to pass your leisure time.


Viewster has a fairly large collection of movies that make it a trustworthy place for your entertainment needs. The content is a mix of both popular and well-known movies and little less known ones. Some ads do pop-up in between movies. It is no doubt one of the top alternative to putlocker.

You can also try these putlocker alternatives-

S. No.Sites Like Putlockers
2.Channel 131
3.New Movies Online

The presence of so many streaming sites like putlocker has given rise to healthy competition which urges all websites to keep their contents updated. With the advent of unlimited internet packs, the demands for these websites are on the rise.

One must always be aware of what sites they are visiting as not all websites there are the ones you would like to visit. There are websites which have malicious links to them that may allow hackers to intrude your privacy. Contents with copyrights must be handled with care as their illegal use may land you into trouble.

The above-mentioned sites like PutLockers are performing an excellent job in sufficing all our entertainment needs.

Finally, have a happy movie watching experience with these putlocker alternatives!!

And yeah, let me know which are your favorite Movie sites like PutLockers by commenting below.

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