TeamViewer Alternatives | 11 Best Remote Desktop Softwares

TeamViewer and obviously Teamviewer alternatives provide us with remote desktop access services allowing us to stay in touch with all our files on our desktop on the go. Developers find some good use of these free alternatives to Teamviewer in speeding up deployments. These best free remote desktop software also find huge application in industries too. There are many other softwares like Teamviewer doing the same job like LogMeIn, RDP, real VNC etc.

Let’s first get acquainted with TeamViewer… what is it? What it does? Pricing? You will get to know everything… Read along to find out more.

TeamViewer is a best remote desktop software package that can be used to gain remote access to one computer over the other, hold meetings with a large number of participants, share common printers and many more. It is one of the best remote access software free to use.

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TeamViewer was developed by TeamViewer GmbH in Germany. It is supported by all major operating systems- Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android, iOS, Blackberry, Chrome. It belongs to remote desktop administration and web conferencing genre.

This free remote access software is available for free for domestic use but a hefty fee is charged for the commercial versions.

A study on Forbes concludes that people feel more productive working remotely.

Why is there a need to look for TeamViewer Alternatives?

Let’s have a look at is drawbacks.

First, TeamViewer is not a very simple to use a remote desktop app. Security flaws have been part and parcel of this application; this is one of the major reasons justifying the flocking away of users from TeamViewer.

Secondly, though the personal license is free, but the commercial one comes with a heavy price tag that might not be very pocket-friendly for many.

teamviewer alternatives

Best Teamviewer alternatives 2018

Here’s a list of the most popular free TeamViewer Alternatives. Read along to explore more…

1. Windows Remote Desktop Connection

Windows Remote Desktop Connection is one of the best alternatives to Teamviewer we can use. It comes with a preinstalled tool in Windows Operating Systems. This tool can be accessed in the computer’s system settings found in the Control Panel. The router of the remote PC must be configured in such a way that it must be routed on port 3389 to direct it to your PC. One of the shortcomings is that it isn’t able to connect multiple computers. This tool does a decent job and a nice one for beginners.

Windows Remote Desktop Connection is a free feature incorporated with the Microsoft Windows Operating System, Ultimate and Business forms that give quick and complete access to control over a remote PC. Bolstered by Windows and Mac OS X, the tool is basic, simple to utilize and simple to set up that makes this instrument an incredible fit for novices and novices, starting out on Remote work area application. This setting can be gotten to from the PC’s System settings, found in the control board. The switch of the remote PC should be steered on the port 3389 to guide it to your PC. Be that as it may, this instrument isn’t equipped for controlling various PC control at once

Key features: Efficient, fast and gives complete access. No installation hassles for Windows Users.

Why Remote Desktop Connection as an alternative to Teamviewer?

Its simplicity and efficiency is the perfect reply to this question. It comes preinstalled with Windows Operating Systems thus saving hassles of going through an entire installation process. And also it is one of the best remote desktop softwares.

Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac OS X.

Pricing: Free, built into Windows Professional, Ultimate and Business Versions.

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2. – One of the Best free remote desktop softwares is a great option to go with if you are searching for a free alternative to Teamviewer. It was developed by LogMeIn and serves its purpose quite well and it is a premium web-based conferencing and meeting device that permits numerous individuals from different areas interface with each other. The paid version allows sharing of screens and allows up to 250 participants.

teamviewer alternatives

This is a much-recommended pick if you are looking for free TeamViewer alternative free commercial use. offers boundless sound, which implies that anybody can join a call from any gadget, regardless of whether that is web calling (VoIP) or telephone lines. It additionally offers recording, a single tick meeting booking, and telephone numbers in 40 unique nations to encourage overall conferencing. The paid variants allow up to 250 members to join the gathering and a moderator swap gives individuals a chance to share their perspectives.

Key features: Has mobile apps, Supports unlimited audio recording and up to 250 participants in meetings.

Why is the best programs similar to Teamviewer?

Provides a very useful tool for management purposes, a fast and easy way to connect with people.

Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac OS X.

Pricing: The basic VoIP is free, $15/mo for Pro plan and $19/mo for enterprise plans. The Enterprise plans include meetings and other advanced management features.

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3. Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is one of the best Teamviewer alternatives you can use right now. It saves us any hassles of going through an entire installation process and is simply available as an extension to your chrome browser. The free tool is accessible on any computer supporting chrome. It allows remote access to any desktop over the user’s browser.

teamviewer alternatives

This free remote desktop tool is accessible as an augmentation for Google Chrome program, open on any operating system running it and is completely secured. Setting up is basic and the extra costs are almost nothing and additionally, it gives an easy-to-use setup for getting your remote work area associated. The add-on lets clients remotely access any desktop and its contents right from their browser. So at the end, I can surely say it is my favorite free alternative to Teamviewer.

Key features: Provides access to all files. No installation required, available as an add-on.

Why should I use Chrome Remote Desktop as my software like Teamviewer?

It is a nifty free TeamViewer alternative that does a fine job. Allows remote access to any folder on any desktop supporting chrome. Absolutely free of cost. So it is a best remote access software free to use.

Supported Platforms: Chrome Browser.

Pricing: Free.

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4. Real VNC

RealVNC is also one of the top Teamviewer alternatives nowadays. It has both paid and free versions of their software. This remote desktop software is based on Virtual Network Computing, an open source technology. It is a little complicated than TeamViewer when it comes to setting up, but offers a reliable and secure connection. Also sports a feature allowing us to connect to multiple computers.

Key features: Allows cross-platform Control, VNC authentication and chatting with fellow connected users.

Why RealVNC as a Teamviewer alternative?

The reliability, collaboration tools, and the chatting feature play pivotal roles in its inclusion in the list of free TeamViewer Alternatives.

Supported Platforms: Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, Ubuntu, And Raspberry Pi.

Pricing: Free for personal use, 30$ for personal computer use and 44$ for Enterprise use.

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5. Splashtop – One of the best alternatives to Teamviewer

Splashtop has on offer both free and paid remote desktop solutions and is a fine pick when it comes to alternatives to TeamViewer. The most striking feature of this service is that it allows remote access to the desktop over a device running on iOS or Android platforms. There are minimal lags allowing enjoying your media remotely.

teamviewer alternatives

Key features: Allows streaming of media files. Free up to 5 computers.

Supported Platforms: Windows, OS X, Android, and iOS.

Pricing: It is free for the first 6 months, from then on it is 1.99$/mo for personal use and 60$/year for business use.

Trying Splashtop worth your time and efforts if you are looking for free Teamviewer alternatives.

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6. LogMeIn Pro

LogMeIn is one of the best services offering remote desktop services and might be the best pick for you. This allows everything from file sharing to accessing local printers.

teamviewer alternatives

Key features: Allows file sharing, streaming of audio and video files, accessing local printers and sharing documents with other connected computers. There are lots of other programs like Teamviewer but LogMeIn is most popular among them all.

Why LogMeIn is one of the most popular programs like Teamviewer?

LogMeIn is a service that has features absent in many renowned services of the same kind. File sharing, media streaming and accessing local printers, they have everything under one roof.

Supported Platforms: Windows and Mac OS X.

Pricing: 99$/yr for personal use up to 2 computers. For businesses, 249$/yr for 5 computers and 449$/yr for 10 computers.

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7. UltraVNC – The great software like Teamviewer

UltraVNC is a free Teamviewer alternative based on the VNC technology that is created for the system in view of Windows to remotely access different systems. It offers a straightforward setup process that gets you connected in a matter of minutes. Once the connection is built up, you can totally take a shot at another remote system.


This tool also permits document exchange that makes it a valuable minimal free instrument for rapidly setting up a remote association and completing your work. UltraVNC is also based on Virtual Network Computing. This is free and is available for computers running on Windows platforms. The ability to transfer files makes it worth a try if you need programs similar to Teamviewer.

Key features: Complete remote access to the desktop, file transfers.

Why UltraVNC is a good alternativeTeamviewerewer?

This service takes only minutes to get connected and set you live on your network. For jobs like file sharing, this does a more than decent job. More importantly, it is absolutely free of cost.

Pricing: Free.

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8. CloudBerry Remote Assistant

For a very long time, TeamViewer has been the lord of free remote desktop softwares in the market. In any case, there have been a few protests about the recent months. In reality, the product has various issues that are tormenting a few clients. First of all, there have been some lag spikes and increased network use for reasons unknown. A few clients have additionally raised protection concerns with respect to the product.

teamviewer alternatives

Now, the best alternative to Teamviewer is CloudBerry Remote Assistant; because of their current update that announced RSA algorithm based encrypted sessions. Additionally, the ordinary connections are additionally secured by SSL encryption.

Also, the product is light on resources too, and you should not keep running into any issues. The good thing is that it takes the best bits of all the astounding remote access customers and combines them into one amazing package.

There is no denying that CloudBerry is the next big thing in the remote access software and will be taking the competition by storm in the following coming months. I can surely suggest you this one if you really in hurry for Teamviewer alternatives.

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9. Ammyy Adminn

Ammyy Adminn is a free open source alternative to Teamviewer. It is free of cost, easy and speedy approach to increased sharing and remote management choice for organizations and people. Quite unlike other softwares like Teamviewer that are heavy, the application comes in as an application under 1MB. Adding to remotely connecting to the system, you live chat and can perform activities. A secure connection is supported by Windows and simple to deal with programming makes Ammyy Adminn among the top remote desktop clients that are favored.

teamviewer alternatives

AMMYY Adminn deserts an impression with respect to programming prerequisites. The application is low and entirely clever information serious one that gets the remote work area. Basic is among the reasons that numerous clients decide on this device. You can try this one if you need free Teamviewer alternatives.

Price: While it is free for non-commercial uses, the starter, premium, and corporate licensed tools are priced at $33.90, $66.90 and $99.90 respectively.

Key features: Takes very less effort to be set up, good system administrations, remote office, and presentations, built-in text and voice chat, etc. It is a great free remote desktop software.

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10. Mikogo

It is a premium remote desktop tool for both personal use and commercial use, although, it is priced for business users. It is a browser-based application. It neither required plugin nor software installations. Mikogo is available as an application for iOS, Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, Mac or Linux computer. It has a multilingual software interface and it can be switched to 35 languages.

On top of that, it has features such as swap presenter, like share documents, remotely controlled apps that are free a desktop, video conferencing, multi-user whiteboard, file transfer, chat and more. Mikogo comes packaged along with several thousand features. This tool is highly useful for conferences/ meetings and support and remote desktop functions. If you are trying lots of other programs like Teamviewer then try this one once.

Pricing: Variable options are available Free for personal use; paid for corporate use.

Supported Platforms: Browser-based and also for mobile devices such as Android and iOS.

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11. WebEx – Best Teamviewer Alternative 2018

WebEx of Cisco has several other functions other than only conducting meetings. This specific program like Teamviewer allows you to connect with people based on desktop or mobile applications or systems. This application like Teamviewer is supported by Windows, Mac pOS X, Linux and mobile app. WebEx is ideal if the necessity is a premium business solution or only for a desktop with an additional piece of interaction with it.

Pricing: Free versions are available with certain limitations and paid versions are also available with premium features.

Key Features: App record meetings, free mobile programs, scheduling of outlook, video conferencing, markup tools, password protected message, etc. This free Teamviewer alternative worth your try for sure.

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12. DWService

DWService is free of cost multi-platform support solution (Windows, Linux, Mac, Raspberry) that enables clients to remotely connect to the end-user system from their PC or cell phone with any browser. It is also the best Teamviewer alternatives we have nowadays. It gives instant, secure, and inconvenience free connections using the latest industry standards and infrastructure to guarantee the largest level of security and protection for our clients. You can associate with any PC both inside and outside your local system. It crosses real web intermediaries and firewalls and protected with industry standard security.

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Above mentioned are some really useful alternatives to Teamviewer that have everything needed to suffice all your business needs. Choose the perfect service wisely to make the most out of your money and time.

If I missed some other best remote desktop softwares then please let me know in the comments below so that I can add them on this list of programs similar to Teamviewer.

And also do share these awesome best Teamviewer alternatives with your friends and family so that they can connect more easily, frequently and securely!

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