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Unblocked music sites are the most searched sites at schools or workplaces and we all know why. There are lots of unblocked music websites which you can use to listen to free music unblocked at school. Usually, school and offices block the music, gaming, social media etc websites but still, we know sometimes the solution to the situation is music, don’t know how don’t know why we all know is that we need to listen to music and that’s all and it has already been proved that music is the best remedy. So if you are looking for unblocked music sites for school then you are at the perfect place because today I am going to share a list of the best unblocked music sites.

There are lots of apps to listen to music without WiFi too which you can use at your school or at your workplace.

Music is the best and easiest way to find resolve and seek solace from our extremely busy lives. Whether happy, sad, angry or satisfied, music is just for every mood. And the variety of genres, artists and cultures would suffice to all the different multitudes of listeners across the globe. We would have met no one who would say that they don’t like music.

Perhaps, our life seems unimaginable without it. Yet, it is quite hard to find unblocked music apps and unblocked music websites on which we can listen to music and download it without paying a huge amount because most of these websites have several cookies and viruses and hence they remain blocked. But look no further, for you are in the right place. Here is a list of best free unblocked music sites from where you can access your favorite songs at your school or at your office.

10 Best Free Unblocked Music Sites

  1. Slacker Radio

Unblocked Music Sites

This website will inevitably be found on just about any and every list of best unblocked music sites. It is one of the best places to listen to free music unblocked at school. This website has a collection of several millions of songs over 300 expertly curated music stations. It is majorly available on all important platforms.  It also offers a variety of genres including country, pop, hip-hop, jazz, rock and so much more. It also has several songs from olden times. And it gets updated regularly, so you are most likely to find new the latest songs readily waiting for you on the website.

To access this music site, an account needs to be created. It also features sports channels and radio channels. You can customize your own music by creating playlists as well.

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  1. PureVolume

Unblocked Music Sites

PureVolume is a website which can be accessed through the web. It’s not available as a mobile application. The great thing about this unblocked music site is that it is a niche app focusing mostly on indie music. Even then one can find songs from almost all genres on the app. It also helps promote new artists and also promotes their music. All of these things have made PureVolume as one of the best music sites on the web. It is a social media site as it allows users to interact with each other and listen to each other’s playlists. It also gives an option to listen to news related to the music industry, podcasts and the radio as well. This music website is highly customizable in terms of music as well as visuals. It also has a feature where you can follow the activities of your favorite artists and listen to their music and share it as well.

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  1. SoundCloud

free music apps without wifi

This website also offers a large Library of genres, artists, and moods. It is one of the most extremely user-friendly unblocked music sites available on the Interner. It is accessible across all platforms in PC but it can only be accessed on Android and iOS platforms in a smartphone. In this website, you can make customized playlists and share your music with your friends and listen to their playlists as well. In a way, this is a social media website for music.

This unblocked music website also needs an account in order to be logged on to. Aspiring artists can upload, record and share their own original music on SoundCloud. This also has an innovative statistics tool which keeps a track on your music stats regularly. A premier account is available only in the USA. SoundCloud Pro is available at the price of $5 a month and SoundCloud Pro Unlimited can be purchased at a rate of $10 per month, where you can listen to free music unblocked and upload unlimited videos.

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  1. GrooveMp3

Unblocked Music Sites

If you are searching for unblocked music sites then you should try this one once for sure. This website is also a remarkably good one as it offers versatile music although from a limited selection of genres. Earlier it was known as Grooveshark, post which it had licensing issues. It was banned in several countries because of its popularity. Now it has again started operating as an unblocked music website. It includes all the latest releases. It is available across all the major platforms and it contains mainstream music majorly. But on mobile, it is only available on Android devices.

It is one of the best music sites not blocked by school which means you can listen to music at school unblocked. This website also needs the customer to register on this website for it to work properly. You can make and share personalized playlists on this website as well. You can access the music on this website, unlimited without any subscription. They also regularly update their website with the latest songs.

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  1. BlueBeat

Unblocked Music Sites

It is not much of a popular unblocked music player for mainstream users but hardcore musicians venerate this website. It has an enormous collection of songs belonging to various genres, artists, moods, and countries. This is dedicated to Android and iOS. But this website requires Adobe Flash player to be played. Finding the right song is very easy when doing so from this website because this unblocked music app allows you to customize your search choices by giving unique features to listen to different songs and artists. It is a lot like some other social media website where one can even share or follow the artist and their activities. It helps the listeners stay connected to the artists. BlueBeat is all set to release an app for your Smart T.V. on which its entire library could be accessed easily.

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  1. TuneIn Radio

Unblocked Music Sites

This is quite unlike all the other unblocked music sites on this list. It doesn’t really have its own song library’ it produces a list of unblocked music streaming websites on which the songs can be streamed online. Through this, you can listen to songs all over the world and not only that; you can also access radio stations pervasive across countries. They offer access to over 100,000 radio stations for absolutely free. They also have an option for a premium account which offers a larger amount of content. It includes NBA AND NFL podcasts alongside the commentary of several other sports. This music site is versatile in the sense that it offers a lot more than unblocked songs.

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  1. SoundzAbound

This is one of the great free unblocked music sites available on the internet but its only clause is that it has a paid subscription. This unblocked music player also has a very large music library to choose from. This is an excellent platform to showcase one’s musical talent. You can record videos of your music and upload them on this website for the world to see. This is a school-friendly website, as schools and students can also access it and contribute their music here. This website is also used for educational purposes. Subscription to this website costs around $99 with all facilities such as storing music, media, videos, games etc. So it is one of the top free unblocked music sites at school 2018.

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  1. Playlist Sound

This is also one of the best unblocked music websites. It has different sections for popular genres, new releases and top 50. It has a large music library. And it is completely accessible and completely free. The website also offers another section for all-time favorite artists. This Website is also a great option to discover new talent as the users can upload their musical content by creating an account.

Unlike most unblocked music sites, the songs have their official videos. Occasional ads pop up on the screen at times. This website also offers a customization option. Users can use bookmarks to save their songs; they can share their favorite songs and adjust it visually as well. Login option is also available for people who want to customize their own playlists and save it on the website.

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  1. Song Area

This song also offers top albums and top 50 charts to listen to unblocked music. The videos of the songs are displayed on the right corner through YouTube. They have a large collection of music in different languages, genres, artists, and moods. This website allows users to create free accounts and enjoy their music free of charge. The latest tracks are updated regularly. This free unblocked music site additionally also offers countdowns and their own pick of songs which are more often than not quite amazing.

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  1. Hulk Share

Hulk Share is another music website which comes in the top 10 list of unblocked music sites where new talent can be found and explored. Aspiring musicians can upload their music videos. People all over the world can access this website to give a start to their career. They also offer a large number of spectacular options in genres and subgenres.

This unblocked music website also offers discussions, chat groups, playlists from all over the world regarding aspiring artists. Hulk Share is available without subscription and users can explore tracks and it has some kind of music for just about everyone. This is also a perfect place for underground music lovers because it offers options such as horrorcore, ska, thug rap and a long list goes on.

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Some More Free Unblocked Music Sites at School

  1. NiceCream

This is one of the most user-friendly and popular unblocked music streaming sites. It offers genres like hip-hop, funk or jazz. This website is perfect music sites for school or for work. They offer ideal to chill out music. They are neither too upbeat nor too slow. They will not divert you from work but keep your mind calm and soothed to get your work done.

You can discover new artists and rediscover forgotten artists on this website because they also offer song suggestions. They have very retro and vintage-like visuals. They offer vintage looking photos which bode well for the non-intrusive music they offer. Overall, this unblocked music site has an extremely friendly and calm vibe. No doubt is a great option to go with if you are looking for free unblocked music google sites.

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  1. Radio.com

This unblocked music website allows you to access radio stations in your vicinity for free. The radio stations are sorted according to the kind of music they offer. They also offer a large amount of information about current events, sports and news.

They also offer a wide library of podcasts. It is a great source of inspiration when you can’t think of any songs you would wish to listen to at that moment. Radio.com also produces its own original content. They have interviews with famous and amazing artists such as Chris Martin of Coldplay, Lorde.  Signing up is not required to access the radio stations. Unlimited browsing is a great option on this free music online website for that very reason.

  1. Jango

This is one of the best unblocked music sites with a user-friendly interface. It offers all the mainstream songs for the regular users. All your favorite songs will inevitably be found on this music website. No subscription is required to access this website. You can customize your listening experience on this website by creating a playlist and banning songs from popping up on the playlist. You can also access your unblocked song history through this website. It’s an entirely free unblocked music streaming website and you can surf it for unlimited time. Yet it has a feature which requires you to endure one ad a day, but this is quite a great offer.

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  1. MusixHub

They contain a gigantic library of music albums. They also have a variety of genres, subgenres, artists, etc. There are millions of unblocked songs on this website. They also have music videos and feature videos. To navigate easily through the website, you should create an account and log in and this entire procedure is free. After logging in, the website becomes more customizable and easy to use.

The one downside to this website is that it is a bit cluttered and a little hard to maneuver but that is quite excusable because of the amount of content on the website but still it is also one of the great free music websites unblocked at school.

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  1. AccuRadio

AccuRadio is an unblocked music website with millions of song options in different genres. They have music sorted out by decade as well. They have a special feature of Workplace moods which features song playlists that are best suited for workplaces. They are motivating, calming and soothing. Playing music from this section in the background while at work will be a great option as they give very strong good vibes.

This unblocked music site also has an option called ‘surprise me’ through which it suggests different songs to the users. You can discover new music randomly by stumbling upon a song you have never heard before and thus also expand your taste and knowledge of music. You can also access their predesigned playlists for free. You can subscribe to the website for the best experience, again for free. This is also an unblocked music site for school.

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Other unblocked music websites to listen to free music unblocked

S.No.Unblocked Music Sites 2018
3.Free Music Archive
6.FreePlay Music

So here we come to the end of the list of unblocked music sites. If you want to listen to some good free music online, these are the websites you should head to for the best experience.

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