5 Reasons Why Video Is Top on Social Media

Once upon a time, not everyone enjoyed seeing a corporate video. In the past, people considered it a luxury. But from where I stand right now, that’s clearly not the case. Videos for businesses are now considered a must. The video market is booming because to their success. A business can get many benefits from using video marketing and expand their reach.

Simply put, what is it that makes marketing with videos so unique?

As a new kind of online advertising, “video marketing” involves businesses making short movies (usually between two and five minutes in length) based on content taken from articles and other written materials.


Exactly what are the advantages of using video for advertising purposes?

Business movies are essential for every organisation, whether you’re a multinational corporation that’s been around for decades or a startup that’s only been for a few weeks. These videos serve multiple purposes. They promote the company’s goods and services while also outlining its values and goals. The proliferation of business films in recent years likely stems from the increased need for this format’s versatility. Video advertisements for products and services are a common fixture on the social media pages of modern businesses.

Marketing’s Increasing Reliance on Video

Considering how well-liked these videos have been, the number of their likes has increased dramatically. If so, why? Why do these films receive so much attention yet traditional methods of advertising for businesses sometimes fall flat? We’ll examine what sets these clips apart:

Receive lot of attention

A recent poll found that 92 percent of B2B prospects are constantly online, which may come as a surprise to you. Imagine having this many people watch your video right now. Huge! Doesn’t seem so, does it?

Effect on Return on Investment

No matter how large your company is or how much money it makes, if you aren’t considering your ROI, you’re dangerously close to the brink. The ROI on videos is really high. Statistically, a respectable proportion of videos have resulted in great return-on-investment(ROI). Even if making a film isn’t always a walk in the park, the high payoff makes the effort worthwhile.

Champion of Verbal Expression

A video is a much more efficient and straightforward method of branding than textual content or any other medium. They may condense complex ideas into easily digestible chunks that the general public can understand. You can count on this being a major selling point.

Boosts Confidence

When it comes to winning over your target audience, videos are among the finest, if not the greatest, method. Trust is the foundation upon which business is built and thrives. Instead than always trying to sell, just provide helpful information.

Influence on search engine optimization

With videos, you may expect a noticeable bump in the average time users spend on your site. Trust is built through prolonged interaction. That your site contains high-quality information will swiftly spread to the attention of other search engines. Moovly found that websites with videos had a 53% greater probability of being displayed first in Google search results.

Videos are wildly popular among mobile users

Mobile phone internet access and social media platform usage has become the norm today. And we all know how unpleasant it is to read a long article on a small screen like a smartphone. On the other hand, viewing a video on a mobile device is a simple process. Both video and mobile devices are becoming increasingly indispensable. Video consumption has been growing at a rate of 100 percent each year since the advent of smartphones, according to data from YouTube.

These are some numbers to consider while promoting videos on social media:

  • Companies now have the internal personnel and resources (85%) to generate videos in-house.
  • More over half (56%) of all videos posted in the past 12 months are under 2 minutes in length.
  • Average retention for videos under 90 seconds is 53%, whereas it drops to 10% for those over 30 minutes.
  • Daily, YouTube viewers clock in at over 500 million hours.
  • Online video material is used to promote businesses by 87% of online marketers.
  • Such is the future we may expect. Until 2019:

  • 80% of all internet traffic will be videos by 2020.
  • Every second, about a million minutes of video will be shared.
  • One person would need 5 million years to get through all the monthly video content that will be shared.
  • Do you finally understand why videos have become so crucial to the success of any modern company? They hold the power to drastically alter a business’s future. This means that as of right now, video content is essentially the most important thing on the internet.

Have you thought of making a promotional film for your business? Video marketing guides for creating videos in-house for digital branding can be found all over the web. Yet, it is always beneficial to have them done by experts.

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